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5 Things To Take Note of When Buying and Installing A Bidet Spray

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Relying on toilet paper whenever you use the toilet can be inconvenient and costly considering that you have to buy new ones constantly. In addition, toilet paper may not even provide you with the level of cleanliness you need. Due to this, most people in Singapore would prefer to install a bidet tap.

Installing a bidet spray in your home will allow you to save more and obtain the cleanliness you need. Fortunately, there are many bidet sprays available in the market. If you are buying and installing a bidet spray for the first time, there are a number of important factors to consider:


Your Total Budget

Since doing bidet spray installation has become highly common in Singapore, there are a variety of models to choose from. Before purchasing a bidet spray, however, it is important to decide how much you want to spend. Cheaper bidet sprays are usually built with weaker materials such as plastic and consist of fewer features. In contrast, bidet sprays which are more expensive tend to be more aesthetically pleasing and have more features. This will enable you to clean as thoroughly as possible.


Bidet Spray Durability


Just as you would when selecting among different types of shower heads, always be sure to check how durable a bidet spray is. Keep in mind that if your bidet spray suddenly breaks, you will need to call a plumber to repair it. Otherwise, buying a new bidet spray will be needed. Just like kitchen sink taps, the durability of a bidet spray usually depends on the length of the warranty. A warranty lasting at least a year or more often means that the bidet spray is highly durable. Once you buy such a model, you will not have to worry about any plumbing repairs in the near future. 


Water Pressure Adjustability


Alongside other common plumbing problems that plumbers can fix quickly, some people with bidet sprays experience issues with low or uncontrollable water pressure. Bear in mind that being able to control the water pressure from a bidet spray can help prevent large amounts of water from getting on your toilet rim or floor. Otherwise, you would need to clean up every time you use your spray. 

In order to prevent excess water from getting on your toilet rim or floor, be sure to confirm the level of water pressure released by your chosen bidet spray. Doing so will surely bring you much needed convenience once you find a reliable plumber in Singapore to install it. 


Bidet Spray Design and Functions

As is the case with various types of plumbing pipes in the market, bidet sprays come in different designs and functions. For instance, there are a number of bidet sprays that allow the user to experience different spray patterns through a rotatable nozzle. Meanwhile, other bidet sprays have a standard connector so they can be fitted onto any water hose. Whichever bidet spray you choose, be sure that its design and functions match your preference. 


Bidet Spray Material


The material with which a bidet spray is made can affect its price and sturdiness. Bidet sprays built with plastic tend to be more affordable. However, they may be prone to damage and experience common faucet problems. On the other hand, sprays made of materials like stainless steel, brass, or chrome tend to have a longer lifespan. As a matter of fact, many professionals recommend installing a bidet spray made of stainless steel so that the user doesn’t have to worry about water leaks anytime soon.



Be sure to take note of a number of things before deciding to buy and install a bidet spray for your home. For one, your total budget should be enough to buy the bidet spray that you desire. This is a way for you to save money on plumbing should any issues arise in the future.  Your spray should also be made of long-lasting material and be durable enough to prevent any water leaks. Besides that, you should consider whether your chosen bidet spray is adjustable enough and has the right design and functions to match your preference. It is also important to know how to find the best recommended plumbers in Singapore so that your bidet spray can be installed properly and safely. 


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This article was reproduced from Mr Plumber Singapore.

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