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5 Ways to Choose A Good Aircon Installer in Singapore



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Notwithstanding the fact many Singaporeans have a residential or commercial aircon set up in their home or office, installing an air conditioning unit is not an easy task. For this reason, this service must be performed for you by the right aircon installer. Remember that you can prevent your aircon from experiencing water leakage problems by having a person with enough knowledge on aircon servicing install your unit.

Here are five tips for selecting the best aircon installer in Singapore:


Contact An End-to-End Service Provider


It can be costly and time-consuming to employ multiple technicians from different businesses to conduct similar services. When getting an aircon installation done therefore, it is recommended that you engage an end-to-end service provider. By doing so, you will make sure that the technician assigned to assist you has the right amount of experience and skills to conduct complicated aircon servicing works. This will also help you prevent any significant installation failures which might entail aircon repairs. Besides that, asking help from an end-to-end service provider will offer you more opportunities to earn promotions and exclusive promos. 


Check That The Company Is Properly Certified


When engaging a service provider to install your aircon, make sure to verify if they are certified. The reason for why you should do this is that, compared to those with little to no certification, organizations that are appropriately certified are known to offer high-quality services. Additionally, an aircon maintenance company that is certified has a higher likelihood of having highly-qualified technicians employed.

You can call a service provider directly to determine whether they are adequately certified. Otherwise, you can message them online or simply explore their website. Once you know if the company you plan to contact is certified, you can feel more relaxed when availing of their aircon installation services.


Check The Reviews For The Company


Another way to assess whether the aircon installation service provider you want to engage is reputable is by searching for feedback on their services online. In fact, the Internet allows you to quickly obtain evaluations made by former customers of a particular company who have had their aircon installed. The efficiency of the company’s services, the productivity of their staff, and their servicing costs are also normally included in such assessments. 

If you have reservations about relying on online feedback in determining an aircon service provider’s reputability, you can try asking for assessments in person. Your colleagues, family, or mere acquaintances can give you an overview of how well a particular company performs its services and whether they are properly suited to install your new aircon.


Make Sure The Company Is Transparent

Besides the installation process itself, a successful aircon installation service provider should be open and clear about the different types of home and office aircons they are eligible to install. Moreover, they must explain and justify the expense of the technical aspects of their work. The company should also provide a comprehensive quote which normally includes a summary of the work required, the completion time, quantity, and price. 

It is probably best not to engage a service provider if it is unable to demonstrate adequate knowledge of the procedures involved in installing your aircon. Otherwise, your unit could end up being poorly installed and may even have experienced numerous aircon issues.


See If The Company Offers After-sales Services


An air conditioning service that takes customer satisfaction seriously should be able to provide you with after-sales services. Through this, you can maximize your engagement with them as widely as possible. Popular after-sales services offered by aircon companies generally comprise of warranties to ensure that the device is instantly fixed or replaced if it experiences problems. Some companies also sell manuals and cleaning supplies to help you manage your office or HDB aircon

In order for you to know whether the service provider you plan to engage offers after-sales services, do not hesitate to inquire. Remember that some businesses only have aircon installation services without any extra benefits.



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