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5 Things to Consider Before Buying A Dimmer Switch

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Besides making it look brighter, light installations also complement a house’s interior and exterior finish since it highlights its architectural aesthetics. However, having too many lights installed can also get in the way of comfortable living. For example, a very bright living room can strain the eyes. Highly luminescent lightings may also attract unnecessary attention or disturb the neighbors.

Homeowners should always have the means to control house lightings. Fortunately, the most convenient way of doing this is by installing dimmer switches. Dimmer switches look similar to conventional switches in hardware stores. However, instead of just switching the light on and off, it allows you to adjust your lights’ brightness at any level. Just like ordinary light switches, dimmers are readily available. In addition, users can have them delivered and electrically installed by a professional electrician.

If you are thinking of having a dimmer switch installed, here are things you should consider before buying one:


Know the Specific Dimmer Switch Type You Need


Dimmer switches come in different designs. Furthermore, light dimmer switch installation methods vary. The type of dimmer switch you need to have installed also depends on whether it is compatible with your light bulbs. Whether expensive or cheap, a dimmer light can only work properly if it fits the user’s specifications. For this reason, it is essential to know the most common dimmer light switches that you can choose for your house.

  • Single-switch Dimmers – these are ideal for those who wish to control their lights simultaneously. Besides that, they are highly suited for exterior lighting.
  • Three-way Dimmers – three-way dimmers control lights separately. For example, they can dim the kitchen lights but leave the lights in the living room operating normally and vice versa. Additionally, they tend to be used for bulbs that serve varying purposes and are known to go well with recessed lights.
  • Wall Plug-In Dimmers – these are dimmers that are normally connected to an electrical outlet. They are often used for lights that utilize power sockets instead of switches to function.
  • Multi-location Dimmers – multi-location light dimmers connect themselves to several lights but do not control their brightness all at once. While they work similarly to three-way dimmers, they are much more ideal for five or more light installations.


Check If Your Lights Are Compatible


Residential lighting usually comes in the form of LED lights or fluorescent lights. As such, many light dimmers in Singapore are intended for both of these configurations. Take note however that some dimmers are constructed solely for LED lights while others are made strictly for fluorescent light bulbs. 

The amount of power that a dimmer light switch regulates is very dependent on bulb type. For example, installing LED-dedicated dimmers can only control the lumens of LED bulbs but not those of fluorescent light bulbs. Likewise, compatibility affects the longevity of the dimmer switch itself. For instance, LED dimmers usually bust incandescent dimmers the moment they are used after installation. Not only that, but connecting them to electrical lines for incandescent lights is often difficult. Thus, it is essential to call an electrical contractor in case you want a dimmer switch installed to avoid any light installation problems.


Be Aware of Your Lights’ Watt Limit

Light dimmers can only control specific voltage levels according to their specifications. For example, a 15-volt multi-location dimmer won’t work for houses with seven 3-volt bulbs since it would exceed the switch’s load capacity. Though the excess energy can still flow to the bulbs, the installed light switch will function in a diminished capacity. 

Watt limit is hard to determine when it comes to installing light switches. Therefore, it’s best to ask help from licensed electricians who are knowledgeable about lighting and dimmers. Take note they can easily assess and determine the watt limit for your installed LED lights or fluorescent lights as well as give you a cost estimate based on their previous electrical works.


Know What Control Style Suits You


In Singapore, many condo and HDB electricians are tasked to install modern dimmers with different control styles in order to give homes a more sophisticated and contemporary feel. Not only that, but these innovative switches allow homeowners to quickly and efficiently control their ceiling light installations. Here are some control styles for dimmers often by professionals who specialize in electrical servicing:

  • Toggle Dimmers – these are light dimmers that use a lever as a switch. Toggling the lever up or down sets the dimmer to work. However, their downside is that they limit the degree by which a bulb can be dimmed
  • Slide Dimmers – these use a sliding piece to adjust how dim an installed ceiling light should be. In addition, they consist of a switch which turns them on and off. 
  • Rotary Dimmers – these type of light switches use knobs to control dimming level with some even providing a locking design for better control. Furthermore, just like slide dimmers, they also are built with a switch to turn them on and off.
  • Tap Dimmers – these are integrated dimmers which are controlled with the use of taps and are commonly found in mid-range condominiums and apartments.


Consider Special Features


Some dimmers in the market contain the latest technology such as the following: 

  • WiFi and Bluetooth connection which allows the user to control their light installations through their phone or laptop.
  • Digital clock to keep users aware of time.
  • Alarm clock to fully alert users of the time (often used for lights installed in bedrooms).

Notwithstanding the convenience these features provide, they also entail the switch to be listed at a higher price range. In order to enjoy them and get your money’s worth, it is essential to find a reliable electrician who can install them correctly. 



In Singapore, having your old light switch replaced with a dimmer switch can provide you with many benefits. Before you decide to buy one however, it is essential to consider the factors mentioned previously to get the most out of your purchase. It might also help if you can consult an experienced electrician from Everyworks Singapore before having a dimmer switch installed to make sure it is compatible with your existing light fixtures.


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