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5 Tools Used by Electricians for Light Repair



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In order to ensure quick and efficient completion of any light repairs, an electrician should be able to easily ensure that all electrical wiring and light switches are working. For this to be possible however, usage of the proper electrical tools is necessary.

Some of the tools that electricians use for light repair include the following:


Continuity Tester


A continuity tester is a device powered by a battery and has two probes used to check switches and other devices by connecting the two ends of the probes. Electricians also use this device when conducting electrical installation and repairs

If this device lights up while being used on an electrical circuit, it means that the circuit is complete. If it doesn’t, then the circuit is closed. Take note that this device should never be used when conducting electrical wiring repairs or replacements as doing so can be extremely dangerous to the user.


Circuit Tester


A circuit tester checks the wiring by connecting to a power socket. It usually has a combination of lights that a reliable electrician can use to verify whether the wiring is correct. It is also called an outlet or receptacle tester and also checks whether the AC outlet wiring is live or has a neutral connection or ground connection. There are also some testers which can be used on GFCI outlets. Though extremely convenient, this device cannot detect when the ground and neutral wires are reversed unlike multimeters.


Insulated Screwdriver


Essentially, a screwdriver secures and removes screws and is considered one of the most convenient tools to have around. However, most standard screwdrivers have a metal shaft that is more than half their length. This acts as a conductor of electricity and can therefore be extremely dangerous when used for general electrical services and electrical works. Hence insulated screwdrivers are much more preferred since it has a plastic cover over the shaft and on the handle. Only the metallic tip of this screwdriver is exposed for installing and removing the screws so that the user can hold the shaft of a screwdriver without experiencing any electrical socket or switch shocks. In addition, its design ensures that any electrical components do not sustain any damage.


Combination Tool  

For electrical outlets, plugs, and lights to be installed, holes have to be drilled on the walls or ceilings. Fortunately, a combination tool is extremely helpful when it comes to drilling holes quickly and accurately. In fact, it is much more recommended than some common tools used by electricians such as reamers, taps, drills and milling cutters.


Replacement Parts  

Failures on electrical appliances and installations usually warrant the replacement of some components. For this reason, any electrician who performs electrical repairs and replacements should always carry some spare parts as a substitute for original parts that have sustained damage. 

When it comes to fixing lighting fixtures, common replacement parts include a junction box, lamp holder, lamp, reflector, lens, trim, and flange. In case one or more parts of the lighting fixture have failed, the electrician can simply check for damage and use their spare parts to replace any faulty components.



Electrical tools are essential for all kinds of electrical works. While average homeowners can use some of these tools, they require the skills and knowledge that most electricians have. Everyworks Singapore has experienced and skilled electricians who use these tools in all kinds of electrical services. We have licensed electricians you can contact if you find yourself needing any light repairs.

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