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6 Reasons Mitsubishi Aircon is the Best Energy Saving Aircon in Singapore

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Many people in Singapore have aircons installed in order to seek comfort from the often hot and humid weather. That said, there are those who are concerned about their usability, cost, and their potential for experiencing issues such as an aircon water leak. If you happen to be among them, then you might want to buy a Mitsubishi aircon. Some reasons for why Mitsubishi aircons are among the most recommended residential and commercial aircons include the following:


1. They Are Extremely Energy Efficient


Various home and office aircons sold in the market are known to consume high amounts of energy. In most cases, this results in extremely costly electricity bills. Fortunately, Mitsubishi aircons are known to function extremely well without having to use up lots of power. Most of them in fact have a 5-tick rating from the National Environment Agency. This means that they have a relatively low annual energy cost as well as a low annual energy consumption rate. By installing an aircon from Mitsubishi in your home, you will be able to cool your home without having to worry about high electricity bills any further.


2. They Produce Minimal Noise


Mitsubishi aircons are designed such that they function efficiently without emitting loud noises. As a matter of fact, a Mitsubishi Electric Starmex aircon (such as the MXY-2G20VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE X2 model) posts an extremely low noise level of 19dB to 22dB. Once you have an aircon installation done for your Mitsubishi unit, you will be able to work or sleep comfortably without any distractions.


3. They Are Very Cost-effective

Another reason for why you should install a Mitsubishi aircon is that they tend to be really affordable. Furthermore, they are extremely cheap to maintain since they are made with high-quality aircon parts. When compared to units produced by other aircon brands, Mitsubishi aircons are also not known to require expensive aircon repairs since they are less prone to experiencing common aircon issues.


4. They Are Highly Durable

Many people would prefer not to have commercial or HDB aircons installed since they feel that they are not very durable. But with Mitsubishi units, you are guaranteed to have cool and refreshing air for a long time. This is because they make use of first-rate components so as to prevent recurring aircon emergencies. In addition, Mitsubishi provides a long-term warranty guarantee so that you can have any defects dealt with as soon as possible.


5. They Have Excellent Features

In order to serve as much of the customer’s needs as possible, most modern System 1 to System 4 Mitsubishi aircons are designed to include updated features. This includes WiFi Control, an advanced air purification system, specially designed vanes for better airflow, and many others. As a result, they are sure to provide you with much convenience once you decide to have them installed by an air conditioning service.


6. They Are Easy To Clean and Maintain


One great benefit of installing an aircon from Mitsubishi is that it is extremely easy to clean its various components. In fact, you can easily detach your unit so that you can efficiently remove any signs of dust, dirt, and other contaminants. As such, you will not need to avail of an aircon chemical overhaul much too often.



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This article is reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

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