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Mitsubishi Aircon Installation Guide

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When it comes to reliable and noise-free air conditioners, Mitsubishi aircon is among the most recommended. In fact, many homeowners prefer them due to their low need for aircon servicing and aircon repairs. To know more about why you should install an aircon from Mitsubishi in your home, have a look at the following:


Mitsubishi Aircon Types

Generally, there are three types of Mitsubishi aircon sold in Singapore namely:

  • Single Split Inverter – This type of aircon consists of an indoor unit connected to an outdoor compressor. Besides that, it is energy-efficient since the speed of its compressor motor is regulated.
  • Multi Split Inverter – Like a single split inverter, this makes use of a compressor motor running at variable speed. However, it can also control multiple outlets using just one compressor. This allows the temperature for each room to be adjusted without requiring multiple programmable thermostats.
  • Mr Slim Inverter – This aircon type is one exclusively made by Mitsubishi. Because it is ductless, it allows each room’s temperature to be adjusted individually. Furthermore, it includes ceiling-concealed indoor units so that you can have cool and refreshing air from your installed aircon without having to modify your home or office’s layout.


Where Should I Install My Mitsubishi Aircon?

Mitsubishi aircon can be installed in any part of your office or home. Common HDB aircon installation areas include the bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. If you have condenser units, you can also install them outdoors if you wish.










Advantages and Benefits of Installing A Mitsubishi Aircon

The following are some advantages of installing a Mitsubishi aircon:

  • Highly Power Efficient: Mitsubishi aircon are made to consume less energy than most SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rated aircon. In fact, they can save up to 60 percent of power as compared to other leading SEER-rated aircon which conserve only up to 40 percent power.
  • Adaptability: Unlike most other aircon installations, Mitsubishi units provide automatic temperature adjustment. Therefore, they can be used at any time regardless of climate.
  • Durability: Since installed Mitsubishi aircon are made of the highest quality materials, they are guaranteed to last for the long term with little maintenance needed.
  • User Friendliness: Newly bought aircon from Mitsubishi are known to be easy to configure once they are installed. In fact, their functions are so easy to learn that nearly anyone from all age groups can use them.


Recommended Mitsubishi Aircon Models



Here are some of the most recommended aircon models from Mitsubishi:

  1. System 1 Aircon (GN series) – $1,039.00

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex GN (Inverter) – SYSTEM 1 AIRCON (MUY-GN10VA / MSY-GN10VA)

  1. System 2 Aircon (FN series) – $2,115.00

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex FN (Inverter) – SYSTEM 2 AIRCON (MXY-2G20VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE X2)

  1. System 3 Aircon (FN series) – $2,965.00

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex FN (Inverter) – SYSTEM 3 AIRCON (MXY-3G28VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE X3)

  1. System 4 Aircon – $4,249.00

Mitsubishi Electric (Inverter) – SYSTEM 4 (MXY-4G38VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE X3 / MSXY-FN18VE)



Things To Consider Before Installing A Mitsubishi Aircon

Before you install a Mitsubishi aircon, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Best Aircon Type

Whether it is a residential or commercial/industrial aircon, always make sure to purchase the most suitable aircon type for you. If you need something to cool you down while you sleep, you can opt for a window type unit. But in case you require something more portable and compact, try purchasing spot coolers instead.

  1. Room Size










Room size is a very important factor to consider before installing a Mitsubishi aircon. This is because purchasing a unit that is too small for your room may hinder you from feeling the air being distributed. On the other hand, an oversized residential or office aircon may cause your room to be much colder than needed.

  1. Electricity Consumption

Before you decide on installing multiple aircon from Mitsubishi, make sure to consider the power consumption rate. To avoid ending up with high electric bills, it is best to consider purchasing units that are energy-efficient.

  1. Extra Offers and Services

Some aircon installation companies include extra offers and services. These include aircon maintenance and servicing packages, as well as warranties. You can opt not to purchase these, but take note that they can save you money and reduce your liability in case you struggle with any common aircon issues.

  1. Aircon Installation Services

Once you have decided which Mitsubishi aircon you should buy, make sure to engage a trustworthy aircon servicing company to install it. That way, you can prevent any aircon emergencies caused by poor installation. Furthermore, you might also be able to obtain affordable servicing costs. In case you are unsure which aircon servicing company to contact, feel free to ask for recommendations from friends and family.


Reasons Why Your Mitsubishi Aircon Can Stop Working

Poor aircon maintenance can cause your Mitsubishi unit to stop working properly. Some problems it can face include the following:

  • Clogged Aircon Filters

Be it a System 1 or System 4 aircon, a Mitsubishi aircon is bound to be exposed to dust. As such, it has aircon filters to prevent them from clogging vital aircon parts. However, you should make sure to clean these aircon filters regularly as too much accumulated dirt can prevent cold air from being released.









  • Frozen Condenser Coils

Aircon leaks from the aircon refrigerant lines or within the compressor can cause its condenser coils to freeze as well. When this happens, the unit can end up blowing out warm or even hot air. So be sure to regularly check for signs of aircon leaks or damage to avoid these coils from freezing.








  • Clogged Condenser

Like the air filters, a condenser can become blocked and cause aircon water leaks once dirt and dust accumulate inside it. Eventually, the entire unit can stop working properly as well. Therefore, ensure that your condenser is cleaned on a regular basis.

  • Power Trip

When using your Mitsubishi aircon, it is best to unplug other home appliance products which consume heavy amounts of power. Make sure to also check for problems with your electrical system and use a surge protector if possible. Otherwise, you might experience a power overload which can cause your aircon to trip. When this happens, you will need to seek the help of aircon repair services.

  • Overheating

When using your Mitsubishi aircon, it is best to keep away devices or appliances which might raise the temperature of your portable unit or central aircon system. Otherwise, your aircon might end up overheating and may even stop working.

  • Loose Parts

Even if your Mitsubishi aircon undergoes periodic cleaning, having any loose parts will cause it to malfunction. Therefore, make sure that each and every one of its aircon parts has been fastened securely before you begin using it.


Ways To Maintain Your Mitsubishi Aircon

In order to prevent your Mitsubishi aircon from experiencing any issues, here are some ways by which you can maintain it:

  • Clean Your Condenser Regularly

In all aircon units, the aircon condenser (also called the outdoor unit) converts refrigerant into a liquid for cooling. As such, it is important to clean it regularly so that dirt does not build up. Otherwise, the entire unit will be unable to provide you with cold and fresh air.

  • Clean Your Air Filters Regularly

One of the most important aircon parts that require periodic care is the aircon filters. By making sure that these are free from dirt dust, you will be able to ensure that your unit (be it a System 2 aircon or System 3) can properly blow out cold air.









  • Inspect Your Evaporator Coils Regularly

The aircon evaporator coils are designed to absorb heat. When they incur damage, the entire unit ends up distributing air that is warmer than usual. Therefore, make sure to inspect them regularly so that any defects are immediately resolved through an aircon repair.

  • Turn Off Your Aircon Properly

Even if you have ensured that your aircon is maintained and cleaned, failing to disable it in the right way can cause it to stop working entirely. So each time you stop using it, switch it off through its settings and unplug it afterward. Otherwise, set it to fan mode so it does not decrease your aircon energy savings.

  • Inspect Your Refrigerant Levels Regularly










The refrigerants are what cools the warm air which is collected by the aircon unit. As such, it is vital that you ensure that its coolant levels do not deplete. If not, there will not be any cold air for your aircon to distribute around your room.



Why Should My Mitsubishi Aircon Be Replaced or Repaired?

If your Mitsubishi aircon has been unable to undergo the proper cleaning and maintenance it needs, it can end up experiencing various issues. In that case, you will need to have it undergo an aircon repair. But if the damage sustained is quite severe, a full aircon replacement might be necessary.


What Are Signs That My Mitsubishi Aircon Is Failing?









To know if your Mitsubishi aircon is defective, be sure to take note of the following aircon repair symptoms:

  • Aircon Is Unable To Blow Out Cold Air – This means that the aircon is experiencing weak flow or is unable to release enough cold air. A defective compressor or capacitor is usually the cause.
  • Gas Pipe Leak – This usually manifests as an odorous smell and occurs when the unit’s gas pipes get damaged. Usually, an aircon gas pipe repair is needed to restore it.









  • Water Leaks – If your aircon has puddles that form in front or behind it, quickly check if your air filters or coils are clogged. Water leaks can be harmful, depending on the source of the leak. Be sure to get it checked by a professional aircon servicing company.
  • Aircon Turns Off Automatically – When the thermostat becomes defective or the compressor or condenser overheats due to clogging, the entire unit can eventually shut down without prior configuration.
  • Blinking Lights – One warning sign that your aircon is malfunctioning is if its lights start blinking randomly. In that case, check if you have a faulty compressor, dirty filters, low coolant levels, or even electrical faults.
  • Compressor Stops Working – If damage occurs on the start relay, valves, terminal wires, and capacitor, the compressor can eventually stop running and cause your aircon to not be cold enough.



  • Foul Odor – The most common sign of a needed aircon repair is when the air conditioner smells. Usually, this happens due to burned wires or moulding ductwork.


What Are Other Aircon Brands Like Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishi is considered among the top 3 best selling aircon brands in Singapore. So if you want to compare its models with those of other manufacturers, try Daikin and Panasonic.


Which Mitsubishi Aircons Are Suitable For Commercial Use?

Even if your home does not require a System 1 or System 4 aircon, you can still opt to buy one for commercial use. That way, your office will have refreshing air to enhance workplace productivity and efficiency. Moreover, you will be able to have a comfortable working environment as well. If your business happens to have wide working space, it is recommended to purchase a Mitsubishi ductless split aircon, as it is energy-efficient and requires minimal maintenance.










Once you have a Mitsubishi aircon installed in your home, you are sure to experience optimal comfort due to its reliability and durability. But in order to sustain this, make sure to have your unit undergo regular cleaning. That way, you will be less prone to experiencing problems that might require an aircon chemical overhaul or aircon gas top up. Furthermore, you will be able to avoid your aircon parts from sustaining damage which will require expensive aircon repairs.

If you are in search of a professional to install your aircon, we suggest you contact Everyworks Singapore. We have the best servicing technicians to help you fulfill your aircon needs. Not only that, but they can give you some helpful tips on maintaining your unit in the long term. To know more about our servicing costs, make sure to view our price list.


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