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5 Things You Can Do Before Having an LED Light Repair Performed

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Singapore weather is usually hot throughout the year. For this reason, most homeowners would prefer to have LED lights installed than incandescent lights since it is less likely for their performance to be affected by high temperature. Furthermore, these light installations consume less electricity despite being much brighter than incandescent bulbs. 

Notwithstanding their durability, LED bulbs are not immune to being faulty. After years of service, they will wear out eventually just like many other appliances. Nevertheless, you can still prolong their usage by having them undergo a light repair. By doing so, you will not need to have an electrical replacement performed. Before having an LED light repair done however, do not forget to take note of the following:.


Inspect Your Light Bulb

Electrical installatons are not always done seamlessly. In fact, loose lightbulbs are among the most common problems faced by homeowners. When a bulb is not inserted correctly, one side of its base usually becomes visible from the sockets and its placement tends to appear crooked. If your malfunctioning bulbs seem straight however, check if it might be wobbly or if it flickers from time to time. Another way electrically troubleshooting an LED bulb is by unscrewing it from its socket and then screwing it on again. 


Check Your LED Light’s Driver


The ballast is an electrical component found inside fluorescent bulbs whose primary purpose is to regulate the flow of electricity so that the bulb produces constant illumination. When the ballast gets busted, the bulb ceases to work since electricity flow stops being regulated. 

Though LED lights do not contain a ballast, their driver can experience the same form of damage if they have been used for a long duration of time. Another possible reason for said damage can be a short in the LED’s electrical wiring or moisture penetrating the bulb’s interior. If you encounter any of these problems, check if the driver can still be repaired. By doing so, you might still be able to save costs as opposed to opting for an immediate light driver replacement.


Inspect Your Electrical Sockets


Faulty power sockets can also cause an LED light to malfunction. They can gather dust when used for an extended period which can cause interruption to the power supply. In this case, the homeowner can clean the socket using a narrow brush and use a dry cloth to get rid of the dust. To avoid electrical accidents however, it is important to first turn off the main power supply or the circuit breaker before cleaning.

If the inside of your electrical socket appears clean, then it is possible that your light might have malfunctioned due to several other factors. These could include burning or short-circuiting of the electrical wires. Since such an issue is normally easy to notice, it is important to have it attended to immediately. Otherwise, it could become a potential fire hazard.

In case the exterior appearance of your power socket appears normal as well, then it is likely that you have a power socket overload which has resulted in an inadequate supply of electricity to your LED bulbs. As this problem is hard to resolve on your own, it is better to call a reliable electrician to fix it for you immediately. They will be able to see if you require a power socket replacement without causing any accidents to take place.


Check For Electrical Wiring Damage


An LED bulb can also stop working due to electrical wiring which has overloaded, disconnected, or merely snapped. To discover the main reason for why your electrical wires have become faulty, try checking if your circuit breaker switches have flipped. If so, have an electrical wiring repair or replacement done as soon as you can. In case you are unable to tell however, try seeking assistance from a licensed electrician. Most have long experience in inspecting electrical wiring and who can determine whether you definitely require an electrical wiring replacement for your home.


Perform A Continuity Test 

You can also conduct a continuity test using a tester to check if damaged electrical components are causing your LED lights to malfunction. This device can easily identify which home appliance products are experiencing an electrical overload via a series of lights. If the tester does not light up however when you place it near your lights, then it is possible that something may be wrong with your electrical lines. 

Should you be unsure about how to conduct a continuity test, hiring a reliable electrical contractor to do the job is strongly encouraged. Aside from this task, they can perform other tests which could determine why exactly your bulbs fail to function as needed. Though you might need to wait a while if your electrical wiring system is fairly large, you will at least be able to restore power to your home without having to learn how to use a tester.



Consider the above-mentioned factors before performing a light repair to identify the primary reason for why your LED lights fail to work. If you are not sure how to troubleshoot your bulbs yourself, you can contact Everyworks Singapore to inspect your home’s light installations for you. We have experienced electricians who can repair ceiling lights and other light types quickly and efficiently.


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This article is reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore.

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