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How to Fix Mitsubishi Aircon Leak

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Having a residential or commercial aircon from Mitsubishi installed can provide you with additional comfort in your home or workplace. But in order for it to last a long time, it is vital to provide it with proper maintenance. Otherwise, several issues can occur. Chief among them is an aircon water leak or gas leak.

An aircon leak can cause you to lose lots of aircon energy savings. Thus, to prevent it from happening, be sure to take note of why it occurs in the first place as well as some methods on how to resolve it.


Why Does An Aircon Leak?

Blocked Drainage Pipe

In order to provide cool air, an inverter or non-inverter aircon absorbs heat and moisture through the evaporator coils. These are then condensed into water which eventually passes through the drainage pipe so that it can be stored near the outdoor unit. If the drain pipe becomes clogged with dirt and bacteria, water can get backed up and drip onto the floor. Thus, be sure to clean your drainage pipe as much as possible.


Corroded Drainage Tray


The drainage tray is meant to store condensed water. However, it can eventually corrode if it fails to undergo regular cleaning. When this happens, the water it collects can eventually seep out from the unit. Having it replaced by an aircon maintenance company will be necessary in that case. But if you think your drainage tray is still in good condition, be sure to clean it when you can so that it does not sustain any irreparable damage.


Low Refrigerant Levels

Enough refrigerant is necessary for any installed Mitsubishi aircon to provide cool air. When this is lacking, the air released by the unit can feel warmer than usual and its evaporator coils can freeze. Water can then leak out when these coils eventually thaw.

Lack of refrigerant is usually caused by damage to the refrigerant lines. If you experience this, engage an air conditioning service so they can be repaired immediately. Afterward, have an aircon gas top up performed as soon as possible.


Rusted Evaporator Coils

Aircon water leaks do not just take place as a result of frozen evaporator coils. As a matter of fact, they can also happen due to rusted evaporator coils.

Evaporator coils can corrode when certain compounds settle on them or when they are exposed to corrosive substances. In order to prevent them from rusting, it is recommended that you wash your aircon condenser periodically so that debris does not accumulate. You can also try applying anti-corrosive coating onto them or installing a whole-house air cleaner to kill airborne contaminants.


3 Methods of Resolving An Aircon Leak

Aircon Servicing

One way to resolve an aircon leak is by having your installed unit undergo aircon servicing. Normally, this consists of thorough cleaning of the aircon as well as the vacuuming of its different parts. If you plan to perform aircon servicing yourself, then make sure to follow important aircon servicing tips to avoid causing permanent damage to your unit.


Aircon Chemical Overhaul


At times, aircon servicing can fail to eliminate leaking from an aircon. This is usually a sign that the unit requires much more intensive cleaning and that some parts may need to be repaired or replaced. In that case, it is best that you avail of an aircon chemical overhaul. This service normally involves rigorous cleaning of the unit’s various parts through the use of special chemical solutions as well as inspecting them closely for any signs of damage.


Aircon Repair

In case water or gas leaks from your aircon despite its parts appearing to be free from dirt and bacteria, it is likely that they have sustained some undetected damage. In order to get them working properly again, an aircon repair is recommended.


Aircon Replacement


If you continue to experience an aircon water leak despite having your unit undergo professional maintenance, then having a complete aircon replacement performed might be necessary. Once you have a newer and more efficient Mitsubishi aircon installed in your office or home, you can better prevent any water leaks from recurring in the future.



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