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Simple Ways You Can Try to Unclog Sinks

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A sink choke is one of the most common household problems which is extremely inconvenient. This occurs frequently and requires immediate repair to prevent debris and liquid from piling up in the sink. If you do not clear a clogged sink fast, the water level will keep rising steadily. As sink clogs are not an emergency plumbing issue, you do not require hiring a professional plumbing service provider. However, it is recommended to hire a recommended plumber if the issue persists.

Here are some simple and easy steps to unclog your kitchen sink yourself using simple household items and handy devices.



If your kitchen sink is clogged, you should first begin by pouring white vinegar down the sink drain. You do not need to mix it before pouring it in, as the mix will naturally foam up. Other combinations you can try are mixing baking soda with vinegar, or combining vinegar, salt and borax. After pouring in the solution, cover the sink and allow the mixture to sit. You can then use a small plunger on the drain choke. After plunging the drain, try pulling the items causing the clog out from the clogged kitchen sink with a hanger.



Warm Water

If the vinegar solution does not work, you can try using warm water. After pouring half a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of baking soda into the kitchen or bathroom sink, cover the two openings and allow the mixture to rest for some time. Pour warm water after the mix to flush it out completely. The mixture of vinegar and baking soda will break down any remaining fat deposits. Warm water helps to clear any remaining residue, leaving the kitchen sink and drain clean.



Plumbing Snake

A tool you can use to unclog a drain choke is a plumbing snake. A plumbing snake works by pushing out the clog through the drainage pipes. To do so, insert one end of the snake into the sink drain and down the drainage pipe until you reach the blockage. Keep pushing and adjusting the plumbing snake in position to loosen the clog in the kitchen sink until the choke is clear.



Plunger Pump

Similar to a toilet bowl choke, bathroom sinks are also prone to choking. A good solution to unclog the bathroom sink is using a plunger pump. This simple device uses pressure to pump water down the choked drain, removing the clog. Simply read the instructions manual provided by the product manufacturer if you are unsure of how to use this simple tool.




If these steps still do not work to clear your plumbing choke, you should hire a reliable plumber to clear the plumbing issue for you. Although it might be costly, they will be able to clear your plumbing choke swiftly and professionally without risking any damage to your plumbing pipes.


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