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Signs You Require Electrical Wiring Upgrade

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Setting up electrical wiring in any house or establishment is one of the key elements in order to distribute power. Either you are living in an old or brand-new house, electrical wirings must be replaced and installed accurately. Faulty wiring installations could put you at great risk and it might become worse if it is disregarded. Electrical wirings should be normally checked during renovation and every after a decade. You may also check if there are any faulty wirings. If you notice any error, immediately contact an electrical contractor. After several years have passed, you can notice the signs that some wirings need to be electrically replaced. What could be the obvious signs?


Signs Your Electrical Wires Need Upgrading

We provided a list of signs which are useful for you to determine when you need to upgrade your electrical wirings.


1. Foul and Burning Smell


After some years of using your power sockets, you will notice that it developed a blackish color around the area, and this is completely normal. Although if you happen to smell a burning odor from your electrical outlet and socket, quickly turn off all your electrical appliances and let them be inspected. Until an electrician checks the problem, it is advisable to not make use of the socket and outlet.


2. Electrical Shocks From Switches


Another sign that you need to change your wirings is when you notice shocking and jolting switches. The reason behind electrical shocks from switches is that the cables are experiencing short circuits to the wires.


3. Buzzing Noise

Have you heard of any buzzing noise coming from the electrical connections? It can be a dangerous sign. The noise from the wires could be caused by the detached connections, outlets, or wobbly wires.


4. Frequently Blown Fuses

If you frequently replace your electrical fuses, it can also be a sign of faulty wiring. That’s an obvious sign that the electricity is not passing through the correct way. It is ideal to contact an electrical contractor to properly check the fuses.


5. Overheating


Some appliances do not operate in Singapore’s household and you might now be aware of this. For instance, an appliance from abroad with a high voltage power cannot be plugged in a single port at the same time with other appliances as it may lead to overloading and it overheats the socket. It is better to always check what is plugged into the electrical outlet and also check how many to make sure that the port will not overheat.

These are some signs which are useful for you to determine when you need an upgrade to your electrical wires.



You may not be aware that electrical wiring also needs to be upgraded in order to prevent serious damages. The signs are very obvious such as burning smell, shocking switches, buzzing noise, frequent blowing fuses, and overheating. If you want to replace your old wirings, contact Everyworks Singapore today as we provide excellent home maintenance services at a reasonable price.


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This article was reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore.

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