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Importance Of Fixing Your Leaking Tap/Faucet

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The continuous sound of a leaking faucet will not be able to give you a proper sleep, and this is a major problem. Even if you wrap the tap, the water will continue leaking. Some may feel that a leaking tap is not a major problem since they can manage the dripping sound. Even if this is not a reason for you to have your leaking faucet fixed, we will let you know more reasons that will help you understand the importance of fixing your leaking tap/faucet immediately. 


To Prevent Growth Of Mold And Mildew


Mold and mildew growth can easily be noticed, even if you do not find the sound of a  leaking tap disturbing. Some may think that water leaking from the shower tap or kitchen tap will not cause an issue. Mold and mildew may build where water collects, and when the humidity raises, mold can develop. Moreover, mold and mildew can look unpleasant, and it can be very dangerous to you and your family as well. Once you spot mold and mildew, immediately find a reliable plumber to solve this issue. 


To Prevent Wasting Water And Damage

Many homeowners have no knowledge of the common causes of a leaky faucet,. Some do not even know how to detect leaking taps/faucets. A leaking tap can waste water up to 11,356 liters per year, and it will not have a good effect on the environment. Additionally, it uses excessive local water supplies, which can lead to water restrictions by the government. A leaking tap could also be the reason for water damage where it should not accumulate. In some cases, a leaking tap can be because of a leaking pipe, which can result in damage below the faucet, below the house, inside walls, or anywhere else.


To Save Money On Water Bills


You may think that a leaking tap is not really wasting more water and might not be a major issue. Not only are you wasting water every year, you are throwing away money as well. A leaking faucet is a common type of plumbing leak, and if left unfixed, then your water bill will increase. You will then realize how costly a leaking faucet can prove to be. 

Take note that 3.8 liters of water that you use in your home is calculated and added to your water bill. When there is a leak, you will pay for the water you do not even use. Therefore, instead of taking the risk to fix the faucet alone, you must hire a professional to fix your leaking tap as they know how to repair a faucet efficiently. Professional plumbers will use the top plumbing tools and expertise to address the issue. Hence, you will save time and money if you hire a professional. 


To Prevent Damages In Household And The Environment


You should understand that there are several reasons why your faucet is leaking, that is why if left unfixed, the damages can cost a lot of money. The effects of a leaking tap can damage the structure of your home, floors. walls, and even its foundation. It is important to have your leaking taps fixed right away, or else the consequences are expensive. 

A thing you did not know about water leaks is that it can harm the environment as well. Faucet leaks that happen in households can increase up to 37, 854 liters of water wasted annually. Did you know that you can do 270 loads of laundry by using this wasted water? So can you imagine how much water you are wasting and how it significantly affects our environment?



Indeed, water leaks could have huge impacts not only to your home but also to the environment. Knowing that water leaks are one of the most common faucet problems, therefore we should not leave them unfixed. If you still ignore water leaks up to this day, then mold and mildew may occur. Additionally, you are wasting water and money, which is not a good thing to do. If you notice that your faucet is leaking, ask help from a plumber. The reason why should a plumbing professional fix your leaking faucet is that they have the tools and expertise to complete the job. 


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This article was reproduced from Tap Faucet City Singapore.

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