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Different Types of Electrical Wiring In Singapore

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Electrical wiring installation is important for wirings and it can be easily seen in every household or establishment as well as in outdoor areas. There are numerous electrical wirings that are used in various electrical devices and appliances that are usually seen in residential or commercial spaces in Singapore. There is a lot to consider on which certain types of electrical wiring should be installed in an establishment. There’s a wide range of different electrical wirings used for electrical works.


Types Of Electrical Wiring According To Cable Covers


  • Non-metallic (NM) cables are appropriate in dry areas like the households in Singapore. This cable type typically consists of a live wire, current flow, ground, and neutral wire. The wires have a corresponding color such as red or brown for live wires, black or blue for neutral wires, and a combination of yellow and green for the ground wire.


  • Underground Feeder (UF) is a non-metallic cable made up of solid plastic sheathing that covers each of the live wire, neutral and ground wire. While the NM cable the solid plastic sheathing is not covering all the wires. The UF cable is not very important in wet areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor spaces.


  • Conduits are electrical wirings that are made up of metallic or plastic tubing enclosures. These are usually used as house wirings, which are uncovered in the inside walls and ceilings of households. The wirings in a normal conduit are designed to be thermoplastic and heat resistant, which is why conduits can be used in humid areas. For additional insulation, wirings are nylon-coated too.



  • Wires with low voltage are surrounded by a plastic cable. These wires are usually small and are used in circuits with a low voltage such as doorbell switchesdecorative lights, and thermostats.


  • However, in other electrical wirings which are covered in an alloy of lead and aluminum, in which more than 90% of this includes lead. Lead is a strong metal that protects the wires inside from any kind of harm and decay due to moisture and weather.


Electrical Wiring Installation System Types


When installing electrical wires it is required to have a specific guide to make sure that there is even distribution of electrical power to the needed outlet points. Installation of electrical wiring has various processes usually used in many homes in Singapore.



  • A joint box system is an affordable procedure, often used in short-term installations which can be noticed in some electrical appliances. Wirings that lead to certain appliance are connected with the help of the joint connectors which all lead to the main wiring system, and these are covered and protected in small joint boxes.


  • Loop-in or parallel system is one of the electrical wiring procedures that are mostly used in electrical appliances. The wires are tied over the switch which is straightly connected to the endpoint of the electrical supply. All appliances are linked to each other, which is why the entire wiring system of the house prevents a power trip even though there will be a technical error in any of the appliances.


  • Cleat wiring system is another affordable and basic type of wiring installation, wherein the covered VIR or PVC cables are stuck to the walls and ceilings through the help of the T-shaped cleats, which are mainly made up of plastic, wood, or porcelain. Although at this time the cleat wiring installation is not ideal for households in Singapore.


  • Batten wiring system is very well accepted in a lot of households as a result of the security attribute of the electrical wiring installation. The system contains wooden battens which are made up of sturdy teakwood. The wooden battens cover the circular or oval-shaped cables with single, double, or triple cores. These cables are designed to be water and chemical-proof, and steam resistant. Small brass clips or brass pins are used to hook the cables on the battens at an interval of 10-15cm.


What To Know About Electrical Rewiring In Old Houses


Old households often have faulty or loose electrical wirings, which must be replaced to ensure safety. Since we now have modern appliances, we need to upgrade our electrical capacity, such as replacing the main service panel to at least 100 amps, installing a circuit breaker in the service panel, GFCI outlet installation in areas where there is a water source. If you disregard changing your old wirings it may result in dangerous hazards such as house fires and serious electrical injuries. As for its cost, it will depend on the size of your house and the amount of labor. Although electrical wiring inspection is usually free. If you want to rewire your old home, find a reliable electrician who has experience in rewiring old establishments. Keep in mind that older houses take a week to rewire.



There is a wide range of electrical wirings used for different appliances. Electrical wirings have various kinds of installations such as the joint box system, loop-in system, cleat wiring system, and batten wiring system to ensure the proper distribution of power supply. Here at Everyworks Singapore we have trained professionals who can perfectly install your electrical wirings and do other kinds of electrical services at a reasonable price.


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This article was reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore.

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