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3 Reasons Why Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

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A power trip is among the most frequent problems faced by residential and commercial owners in Singapore which indicates a need for electrical repairs. It occurs when the current circuit breaker exceeds the prescribed amount and cuts off the electric supply. 

Power trips can result in a blackout even though it prevents further damage to electrical wiring and other components. To stop it from occurring, here are some reasons why a power trip may occur in your circuit breaker and how you can resolve it. 


Overloaded Electric Circuit

An overloaded electrical circuit is one reason for why a power trip frequently occurs. When the current exceeds the wiring’s rated capacity, it can cause damage or create a fire hazard.  A circuit breaker thus takes place to prevent an actual fire from happening.

Multiple electrical appliances connected to a power supply can also cause a circuit breaker trip.  They may also use up more power if they happen to be defective. This increases the total current supply and causes the circuit breaker to trip even more.


Short Circuit

An HDB circuit breaker trip can also be caused by a short circuit. One of the best ways to identify this is by checking around for burning odor. A short circuit can also occur when the hot wire (black) touches the neutral wire (white). It can happen as well when installed electrical wires with damaged insulation come into contact with each other. Damaged appliances or lighting components with wiring problems can also cause a short circuit when plugged into an electrical outlet.


Ground Fault 


Aside from a short circuit, a ground fault can also cause a power trip to occur.  This happens when the circuit breaker’s hot wire comes into contact with the ground wire. This is because resistance is lowered which causes current to increase rapidly.  The same event can take place when a hot wire (black) makes contact with a metallic object. 

Ground faults can also arise when homeowners ignore general electricity safety tips. Besides causing your circuit breaker to trip, this can cause a hazardous accident such as an electrical socket or switch shock.


How to Fix a Power Trip

Overloaded Electric Circuit

  • Switch off all electronic appliances, gadgets, and light installations in the house.
  • Turn on all low power consuming electrical devices. 
  • Turn on your high power consumption appliances gradually until a power trip occurs. Take note of which high power consumption devices were connected when the trip happened.
  • Whichever home appliance product has led to an increase in your home’s power supply is the likely cause of your power trip. After identifying which one, connect it to another circuit to avoid another power trip.
  • Alternatively, you can upgrade your electrical wiring and hardware for the additional power load to be carried. While waiting for a professional electrician, be sure to minimize the use of appliances that consume more power as much as possible. Do not also forget to disable all other appliances when only one is being used.

Short Circuit


Compared to a one that is caused by overloading, fixing a power trip and power failure caused by a short circuit is often more complicated.  It is not easy to inspect wiring for damage or short circuit since most homes and offices have concealed wiring. In addition, finding out the exact condition of the wiring to detect any damage can be a cumbersome task. Nevertheless, there are a number of steps which you can take.

Burning with foul smell and discoloration is usually by a massive increase in the current in a short circuit.  In this event, disable your electrical outlets, and inspect each of your electrical sockets for any discoloration or odor.  It is also vital that you make sure that the insulation of your wires are checked. Moreover, all your appliances should be inspected for damage or odor. After you have identified the device affected by the circuit, have it replaced or repaired.

During monsoon seasons, an increase in the moisture levels or wet walls may also cause a short circuit. Unfortunately, most residential and commercial owners do not have the equipment and experience to detect this concealed form of damage. Hence, it is advisable to call an electrical contractor who can accurately inspect the cause of your short circuit and conduct an electrical wiring repair or replacement if necessary.


Ground Fault


To resolve a power trip caused by a ground fault, you can try the following:

  • Turn off all appliances and unplug them from the electric circuit.
  • Switch on the circuit breaker.
  • If no power trip or power failure takes place, connect each of the appliances to the circuit. Once the defective appliance is connected, the circuit breaker should trip.
  • Have the faulty appliance repaired or replaced to prevent another ground fault.

If the circuit breaker continues to trip, you are likely experiencing problems resulting from electric wiring mistakes. In that case, call a reliable electrical contractor to inspect your wiring and repair it if needed.



If you experience a power trip, you can choose to either fix it yourself or hire a well-trained licensed electrician in Singapore to do for you.  If you prefer to call professional help, contact Everyworks Singapore. We have professional electricians with many years of experience in rendering all kinds of electrical services.


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