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Difference Between Aircon Chemical Wash and Aircon Chemical Overhaul

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Many people in Singapore feel that having a home or office aircon is important since it provides relief from the constantly warm weather. But like other home maintenance products and appliances, aircon also require regular servicing in order to continue working properly for the long term.

There are many ways by which aircon is serviced. In this article, we explore two common aircon services namely aircon chemical wash and aircon chemical overhaul.


Aircon Chemical Wash


Aircon chemical wash is normally performed monthly for both home aircon and commercial/industrial aircon. Unlike normal aircon cleaning and maintenance, it involves a number of special procedures. These include cleaning the front panel, installing a new air filter, and washing it thoroughly to get rid of any residue.

When doing aircon chemical wash, aircon maintenance companies use water and various chemical cleaning agents. These are essential in making sure that your aircon looks as clean as when you first bought it. Besides that, the unit’s components are inspected carefully and anything defective is replaced accordingly to prevent issues such as aircon leaks.

This service is much more affordable than purchasing a new aircon or even most aircon repairs. Moreover, its cost is much lower as compared to an aircon chemical overhaul.


Aircon Chemical Overhaul


An aircon chemical overhaul is normally performed as a maintenance measure to restore optimal performance. Moreover, it is usually facilitated whenever an aircon chemical cleaning fails to yield results.

Like aircon chemical cleaning, an aircon chemical overhaul involves a number of specific steps. Air conditioning services first dismantle the whole unit before cleaning its parts thoroughly using a strong chemical solution. This ensures that the air filters are cleared of any dirt and that air is distributed smoothly to prevent aircon water leaks and coolant leaks. Other parts like the ball joints and fans are also cleaned and examined for any sign of damage and replaced if needed.

Many consider an aircon chemical overhaul to be extremely effective. In fact, it’s said that any unit which undergoes it can last for a long period of time.



Opting for an aircon chemical wash or aircon chemical overhaul can enable your unit to perform much more optimally. These can also help you save on your electric bills by ensuring that no common aircon issues take place. Moreover, both services are guaranteed to make your aircon release much more refreshing and cleaner air.

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This article is reproduced from DW Aircon Singapore.

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