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4 Reasons Why A Water Heater Switch Can Spark

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Sparking is quite normal for most electrical switches. This usually happens because the components inside the switch move when it is turned on and off. However, there can be instances when the sparking is caused by an underlying electrical issue. To identify the exact reason why this happens, calling an electrician for electrical troubleshooting is necessary. 

Below are some common reasons why a water heater switch can spark:


Overloaded Switch

Old Singapore homes usually have fewer circuit breakers compared to newer houses. Despite this, they tend to have multiple outlets installed due to having a lot of rooms. As a result of their circuit breakers not being able to support these outlets, they often experience an electrical overload which leads to a short circuit. Heavy sparking is produced as a result. 

If you experience an electrical overload, it is best that you upgrade your circuit breakers to prevent a short circuit. You can hire an EMA-licensed electrician to complete this job for you so you can avoid any accidents. 


Old or Worn-out Electrical Outlets


Like most electrical devices, power outlets can get worn out as a result of long-term usage. At times, the contacts inside the sockets can even loosen up which can cause surrounding electrical switches to short circuit and spark. For this reason, it is important to regularly check your power sockets for any signs of damage. Should you detect any, call a reliable electrical contractor to have it fixed or replaced.


Load Spark

There can be instances when the electric current does not stop flowing through a water heater switch even when it is turned off. When this happens, a load spark can take place due to the level of current flow becoming unsustainable. Load spark is one common electrical switch issue that can have severe complications if left unattended. Should you experience it, therefore, you must call an electrical contractor to troubleshoot your electrical issues as soon as possible. 


Stuck Water Heater Switch


Moving a water heater switch also means moving the electrical components inside of it. If the components inside the switch do not properly align during contact, the switch can eventually produce sparks. Remember that electricity can only be transferred when the contacts of the switch are aligned. Thus, whenever you flip your switch, be sure that it does not get stuck halfway to avoid overheating which could result in sparks. If your water heater switch tends to get stuck, call an electrician to do the necessary electrical services for you. They will be able to identify any damage and do the needed electrical repairs and replacements. 



Sparking from a water heater switch is a normal occurrence provided it does not occur too frequently. If your water heater switch sparks too often, make sure to contact Everyworks Singapore to avail of our electrical services. We have capable electricians who can repair and replace your switch as well as check your electrical system for any signs of damage. To know more about us, you can visit our website and read the many reviews given by our many loyal customers. 


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This article was reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore

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