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Why Does My Water Heater Switch Feel Warm?

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Many modern water heaters are controlled by electrical switches that tend to consume more energy than other home appliance products. Though many water heater switches are still easy to use despite the current running through them, there are those which can turn warm as a result of certain electrical issues. In most cases, this is because of a power trip in the home’s circuit breaker that takes place due to the high resistance that results from the sudden surge in electric current. More resistance means more heat is created, and this heat can eventually permeate to the surface of the switch. When this happens, calling an emergency electrician is highly recommended.

Below are some other reasons why the water heater switch can get warm:


Overloaded Switch


Many water heater switches are built to handle only 15 amperes of electric current. This makes them prone to overloading especially during periods when the electric resistance goes up to 20 amperes. At a certain point, the water heater switch may not be able to withstand the electrical overload and will eventually heat up.  To prevent an electrical overload in your water heater switch, ask a  reliable electrical contractor in Singapore to inspect your water heater system. You can also ask them to replace your water heater switch with a model that has a higher load capacity.


Faulty Electrical Wiring


Over time, the electrical wiring and other components inside a water heater switch may become loose or damaged because of external factors such as vibrations and long-term usage. The metals inside the switch can also experience oxidation due to humidity whenever the water heater is in use. These changes within the switch can lead to an increase in electrical resistance which can eventually cause it to heat up. In some instances, the electric cables might even snap off completely. Calling a commercial or HDB electrician to do the necessary electrical works may be needed to resolve this issue. They may have to rewire or replace your switch and cables so that your water heater can function properly once again.


Malfunctioning Water Heater Switch


Although most water heater switches are manufactured to last for a long time without having any issues, those that are improperly installed by cheap electricians can malfunction before reaching the end of their lifespan. A faulty water heater switch can present many symptoms, but sparking is often the most common one. Sparking is usually an aftereffect of a short circuit which results from the contacts inside the switch not connecting properly. Sometimes, the wires connected to the switch can even get burnt. If you encounter this problem, you should call an EMA licensed electrician to perform an electrical repair or replacement for your water heater switch. 



The reasons why a water heater switch can get warm may vary and those listed previously are just among the most common ones. To identify the exact cause for why your water heater switch is unusually warm, it is important to call Everyworks Singapore to help troubleshoot your switch for you. We have skilled electricians who can identify any problems with electrical switches and do the necessary repairs and replacements. We also provide honest and transparent prices to their customers. You may contact us through our website to avail yourself of our many home maintenance services


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This article was reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore.

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