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Why You Should Not Do An HDB Water Heater Switch Replacement Yourself

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Most Singapore HDB homeowners are dependent on water heaters for their everyday needs. If the water heater or its switch breaks down therefore, it can prove to be extremely inconvenient. When such an issue happens, It is advisable to avail of water heater installation or replacement services from a professional electrician instead of trying to fix the switch yourself.

Here are some reasons why HDB homeowners should avoid a DIY water heater switch replacement: 


It Can Lead To Electrical Shocks 

Electric shocks are always a risk when dealing with any type of electrical issue. For homeowners, this risk is much greater since they often lack the proper tools and skills needed to perform electrical troubleshooting. They can put themselves in great danger therefore if they attempt to do a water heater switch replacement themselves. Remember that a water heater contains a heavy amount of water which is a good conductor of electricity.  If any mistakes occur during the replacement process, the homeowner can experience electrocution which could be fatal. For this reason, it is always better to contact a reliable commercial or HDB electrician to handle a water heater switch replacement instead. 


It Could Create Fire Hazards 


Most electrical works can eventually evolve into a fire hazard if multiple mistakes are made. These include a water heater switch replacement which often involves tinkering with multiple electrical components and wiring. If incorrectly handled or connected, these components and wires can cause a short circuit which can cause a fire. 

Working with electrical switches is a crucial job that is best done by trained electricians. Aside from being highly familiar with how various electrical components work, they also have much more training in conducting electrical works. Thus, to ensure your safety, always hire a reliable electrical contractor in Singapore when you have issues concerning your water heater switch.


You May End Up Using The Wrong Replacement Switch

Different brands like Ariston, Joven, and Rheem water heaters use different kinds of switches. An inexperienced homeowner may not be aware of this and may attempt to replace their water heater switch with an incompatible model. If the water heater is not matched with the right switch, a power trip or short circuit may occur. These issues can lead to accidents as well as irreparable damage to the homeowner’s property. Fortunately, many affordable electricians ensure that the water heater switch to use as a replacement has the same current capacity as the water heater installation itself. They also make use of specialized tools like a circuit and continuity tester to measure the electric capacity of the water heaters and their switches. 


It Can Lead To Costly Repairs 


A homeowner may attempt to replace their water heater switch themselves in order to save money on electrical repairs and replacement. However, this is not advisable since it can result in damage that will warrant expensive repairs. In order for you to manage your budget better, it is recommended that you call an electrical contractor to replace your water heater switch for you. 



Replacing your HDB water heater switch by yourself may seem ideal at first until you experience some complications. Also, remember that DIY replacements may warrant expensive repairs especially if the damage caused is on a major scale. You may also put your safety at risk if you attempt to do said electrical works without proper training and knowledge. In order for you to avoid these scenarios, it is best that you contact Everyworks Singapore to provide you with water heater switch replacement services. We have years of experience in performing electrical repairs and replacements and can guarantee honest and transparent quotations as well as affordable services for whatever electrical needs you have. 


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This article was reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore

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