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Tips To Remember When Hiring An Affordable Electrician in Singapore



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In Singapore, there are various households and commercial areas that have many electrical appliances such as lights, air conditioners, and water heaters installed. Notwithstanding their benefits however, these products can also bring about various inconveniences when they malfunction, stop working, and are in need of repair. You will need to hire professional electrical installation services to repair or replace them immediately in such cases. When doing so, be sure to invest in professional electrical services

In case your budget is limited, you can decide to hire a cheap electrical contractor to complete your needed electrical installation or repair work for you.   Take note however that there are a lot of risks involved when hiring a cheap electrician. An electrician that is not experienced may make mistakes that might be costly to repair in the long term. It is also likely that they might employ low-quality materials that might only cause further electrical damage on your end. Thus, here are some electrical maintenance tips when hiring cheap electric contractors to help you avoid substandard servicing. 


See If They Are Properly Licensed


When engaging any electrical services, among the most essential things you do is to ensure that the electrician you hire is licensed. Singapore has three categories of licensed electrical workers who are classified based on their training level, education, and work type.  

Many risks exist when hiring an electrician without a license or certificate. They may end up identifying and resolving your issues incorrectly as well as perform substandard work. The latter can in fact result in further electrical damage which might require costly repairs. To avoid these risks, it is recommended that you hire an electrician who is HDB-approved


Ensure That They Have The Necessary Permits 

When hiring an electrician, another essential thing you should do is to engage a professional who has the permits required for doing electrical repairs/installations. Although minor electrical troubleshooting services do not require approval by the local electricity board, you will need permission for major services such as distribution board replacements. Your electrician should also request permission from the relevant bodies in order for their work to be checked afterward. If you fail to secure a permit, you may experience selling or leasing your property in the future.  


List Down All The Electrical Works You Require


Many people need to have major electrical repair or installation work done like electrical wiring installation as well as minor ones such as power socket replacement. Instead of engaging an electrician repeatedly for each electrical issue you experience however, it is better to compile a list of all the electrical works you need when requesting a quote. Remember also that transportation fees are often a major part of the service charges, so the rates for the first hour of work tend to be much costlier. Most professionals will charge much less for the remaining time required for repairs.   


Settle Your Job Scope And Budget 

Whenever you plan the electrical works you require, never forget to finalize your job scope and budget to avoid costly expenses later on. Be sure to also obtain a quote from multiple electrical contractors so you can compare their prices to secure the best deal. The electrician you contact should also clearly specify the electrical components and materials they need before finalizing your order. They should also inform you of their charges for the time spent doing repairs. That way, they can be properly adequately compensated in case they go overtime.   


View Reviews And Recommendations 


Hiring cheap electrical contractors who tend to perform poor quality work can result in various electrical problems down the line. For this reason, you should check their reviews online to inspect the quality of their electrical services. Another option you can pursue when looking for reliable electricians is to obtain recommendations from any contacts you have. Remember that there are many affordable professionals in Singapore that offer quality electrician services at affordable prices and are highly commended by many customers. 



You can now engage a licensed electrician to conduct high-quality electrical works rather than hiring a cheap electrician without much experience once you take note of the factors mentioned above. Contact Everyworks Singapore if you are looking to hire an electrical contractor or electrician who can provide high-quality standard and affordable home maintenance services. We have many well-trained electricians who can render various electrical works at low costs.  


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