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When Should Homeowners Replace Their Door Locks

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If you are experiencing minor issues with your door lock, it may be more convenient to repair it. However, oftentimes homeowners would require to change their door lock altogether. In this article, we will cover some situations where you will need to replace your old door lock by hiring professional handymen or locksmiths. You should read and understand them completely so that you can ensure your safety and security, and avoid any inconveniences.


When to Consider Changing Your Door Lock Entirely?

Listed below are several reasons why you may need to change your door lock.


Moving into a New Home

If you are moving into a new house, it is imperative that you immediately arrange for a new door lock installation. This ensures your safety as the previous homeowner may still own a duplicated key. When choosing a replacement lock, you should also choose a newer model that is highly durable and has enhanced features.

Once you have decided on a model, you can hire a professional handyman to help you with the replacement process.


Recent Burglary

We would highly recommend having your door lock immediately replaced by a professional and handy handyman if your house has been recently burgled. Your lock may have been damaged by the burglars in their attempt to break into your house which then jeopardises your safety. Replacing your door knobs and locks will prevent future security breaches from happening.


Wear and Tear of Current Lock

You may need to replace your old door locks if they are showing signs of wear and tear. It is important to do so as old door locks can be picked more easily and have a higher likelihood of experiencing common door lock issues. Thus, you should change your old locks with a newer and more durable model to minimise such inconveniences.


Current Lock No Longer Functions Properly


You need to check for defective parts if your door lock is not working properly and you are experiencing common door lock issues. However, we will recommend replacing your door lock altogether if you notice any major defects on them. Otherwise, your safety is at a major risk. Thus, you should immediately engage cheap professional handyman services to avoid any door lock problems.


Broken Key in Door Lock


If you have a broken key inside your door lock, it would be more convenient to hire a handyman to immediately replace it. You should not attempt to pull out the key by force as it may further damage the lock or even render it completely unusable. You can also choose a more secure and durable door lock to install. This helps to prevent similar problems from occurring again.


Rusty Door Lock



Rust on your door lock is a huge sign that you need to change your door lock. Even though you can clean and remove the rust, there is still a possibility that the inner components of your locks are already damaged. Consequently, a door lock or a door hinge repair will no longer be an option as the metal has already started to deteriorate. Hence, you should engage cheap handyman services to ensure you have installed a more durable lock.


Missing Keys


The best alternative when you lose your keys is to engage handyman services to have your door lock immediately replaced. Doing so allows you to minimise unauthorised access to your house by anyone who has found your keys. You can also consider replacing your old door lock with a smart one as they are keyless. Moreover, they are more durable and secure than normal locks.



Now that you know the signs to engage a door lock repair service or replace them, you will be able to open and close your door easily. Additionally, your safety and security is also guaranteed. However, if you are still unsure of when to change your locks, do not hesitate to contact Everyworks Singapore. We can efficiently troubleshoot any door lock-related issues and install more durable locks. You can also view our price list for more information.


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