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4 Reasons People Expect Handyman Services To Be Cheap

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Home repairs come few and far in between. While something minor is not attended to, it can lead to it being more damaged and may increasingly cause an annoyance before you decide to get it fixed. Home services may not be something that most will want to pay for because they feel confident doing it themselves. Or perhaps they just do not have the various tools required and may have spent a long time learning how to DIY, on top of the actual repair. As such, when deciding between hiring a handyman or a direct contractor, most would believe that a handyman is cheaper. But is there really such a thing as cheap handyman services in Singapore? Here are 4 myths people expect handyman services to be cheap.















Myth #1: Many people are only interested in paying the lowest amount of the handyman services since they do not consider it to be a high skilled job and the handyman is usually not well educated.

A handyman is handy because they have gained a wide variety of skillsets to solve almost all kinds of home repairs needed such as electricalplumbingaircon servicingdoor repairs and more. A handyman would have gained his skills by professional trade and over a long period of time to be confidently equipped in a different range of handyman services. Most people think that home repairs are considered minor, and believe they should not be charged too high for it. However, the value of a handyman is not about how long it takes to drive a nail into the wall, but where he drives the nail into the wall. You will save on time, frustration, and even money by calling upon the convenience of a handyman instead of DIY.



























Myth #2: Typically, a handyman will be able to complete most of their repair works in less than an hour. Hence, most people think that the repair task is very simple, and refuse to pay much money.

Yet they do not realise that like other types of jobs, a good handyman would possess a certain skill and have gone through training. Every industry and field have its own vast expanse of knowledge to gain expertise in. Imagine having to master electrical, plumbing, and drilling services to an adequate level to charge for the professional handyman service. Many of these tasks can be quite dangerous if not done right, and the handyman would have all the tools and expertise to handle it skilfully.

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Myth #3: A professional handyman is less qualified than a direct contractor, and so they charge lesser.

A handyman would have either worked in a few different professions to accumulate the necessary skills and experience, apprenticed with an older, more experienced handyman, or took up these skills out of interest and went through multiple training courses to polish their skills. Thus, they are not any less qualified than direct contractors. In fact, they might be more admirable since they are a jack of all trades.

So do cheap handyman services really exist in Singapore?

Like in all professions, the fees charged by the handyman service provider will vary depending on the experience in the job. Inexperienced handymen will usually take more time to detect the problem and also may make mistakes, so they might charge less as compensation.

Experienced handymen who have offered their services for more than a decade are less likely to make mistakes, and also finish their repair work quickly using their expertise. The handyman service price varies with the complexity of the task. Installing a tap or light bulb is a simple task and would cost cheaper than having a handyman to paint an entire house. Whether a professional handyman or direct contractor, the repairmen you prefer to hire depends on the type of service you need. Before that, here are a few tips on hiring a handyman in Singapore.
















Myth #4: A handyman in Singapore is usually older, and do it as a hobby so they do not need to be paid more.

We hope most people do not have such a mindset as it is true to say that everybody would want to be paid fairly. While most handymen seem to be in their older ages, that is common because of the years of experience they take to be experts in the field.

However, not all handymen are old. There are also a number of young handymen who have sparked an interest in the field and are able to take up different types of training courses available. With that, the younger generation are at an advantage since they are able to pick up new skills faster.

Handyman skills are hard to come by in modern times as these traditional skills are phased out. It appears that cheap handyman prices are a thing of the past.

A poorly done repair work can be costly for the homeowner in a long run, and searching for a handyman who is able to deliver high quality work is ideal. Everyworks Handyman Singapore offers affordable handyman services and have experienced staff in the field that are ever ready to serve you.












Property owners should be aware that handymen have a large number of overhead expenses, like the latest tools, testing equipment, replacement of materials, safety gear, insurance, licensing, business marketing, and transport expenses.


Instead of only looking for the cheapest price, it is also important to hire a service provider that guarantees quality work and affordability. With that, Everyworks Handyman Singapore promises you high quality products and top-notch repair works and it is evident through the online handyman reviews.

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