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5 Common Door Lock Issues That Can Lock You Out

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Common door lock problems at home or workplace can include defective door hinges, locks and handles. Such problems are extremely inconvenient and can even hinder you from completing various household chores. Hence, it is imperative that you know about these problems so that you can avoid them. If you require door repairing services to change your door lock, Everyworks Singapore can provide you with such handyman services. We have an experienced team of handymen whom you can contact every day for efficient door lock repairs.


Door Lock Issues That Warrant Immediate Attention

Loose Door Lock Parts


For a door lock to function optimally, the various movable components in a door lock’s body must work smoothly together. However, sometimes these parts can loosen making the lock difficult to operate. Fortunately, oftentimes, such problems can be easily fixed with a simple door lock or door hinge repair. Others may require a complete door lock replacement. Regardless of the severity of the door lock problem, you can hire a professional handyman to perform these processes for you.


Incorrect Door Lock Installation


You need to ensure that your door lock is installed properly. Otherwise, a misalignment may occur, resulting in other door lock problems. Thus, if you think your door lock was not installed properly, you should not hesitate to engage cheap handyman services in Singapore to fix it for you.


Broken Key Inside Lock


Keys, especially those that have been used for a long time, can break and get stuck in door locks. This creates a serious problem as it affects other components of the lock. When this happens, you should engage a handy handyman to do a complete door lock replacement.


Jammed Locks

When your locks are jammed, you may find your door knob stuck in a locked position. This can be caused by a misaligned latch or accumulation of dirt in the knob. You should hire a professional handyman to clean your door knobs if you are experiencing this problem. Otherwise, you may need to replace them.


Defective Lock Mechanism

Some problems homeowners may face due to defective door lock mechanisms include not being able to turn their lock even after inserting their key, and failing to unlock the door even if they are able to turn their key. Hence, it is recommended to engage a door lock repair service to solve this problem.


Door Lock Repair Tips


When doing a DIY door knob installation, you need to ensure your lock is in the right orientation. This prevents a misaligned bolt and latch. Once you have finished installing the door lock, you will need to perform door lock repair tests to ensure there are no problems.

Additionally, it is vital that you follow the instructions on the door lock repair kit closely when installing the door knob. This minimises the likelihood of door lock issues from happening.



Common door lock problems include loose door lock components, improper door lock installation, broken key in door lock, jammed door locks and defective door lock mechanisms. When this happens, you can either look for cheap handyman services to solve this problem or try to solve it yourself. However, we recommend engaging professional handyman services like Everyworks Singapore to avoid further problems and damages on your door lock.


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