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How Does A HDB Door Lock Function

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Singapore is one of the safest and secure cities in the world with constantly rising standards. Despite this, it is still vital that you change your old door locks with more durable ones. This helps to keep your house secure as you do not have any door lock problems, and gives you a peace of mind knowing that they are working properly. You should also engage professional door lock installation services if you are moving into a new house or are planning to change your existing door lock to a better one. You should consider engaging our experienced handymen at Everyworks Singapore for affordable door repair services.

Before determining whether your installed residential door locks can provide you with the best protection and safety, you should first understand the various types of door locks so that you know how to use them properly. Even though most homeowners hire handymen in Singapore to install traditional mortise door locks, you can also purchase smart door locks that are easy to use. You will then be able to stop using keys as the lock sends data to your phone.


Types of HDB Main Door Locks

Similar to door handle installation, there is also a wide range of residential door locks that you can choose to install. However, you should note that each lock has its own unique features. We have compiled a list of the most common types of residential door locks for you to choose from.


Mortise Lock

Homeowners often engage cheap handyman services to install one of the most common types of lock, mortise lock. To install a mortise lock, you need to cut a rectangular pocket that comes with the sprung latch. The latch will retract and connect to the handle once you pull it down. However, if you experience any problems with your mortise lock, you should contact a professional handyman for a door lock and door latch replacement service.




Deadlatch locks are similar to mortise locks. However, one of the things that separate the two is the spring in deadlatch locks, which locks the door when you shut it from the outside. However, when you are inside your house, you need to lock the door yourself. We would recommend hiring a handy handyman to install such locks for you rather than doing it yourself.



Such locks require hand manipulations from someone inside the house as it does not use any spring or bolt. However, they are susceptible to various issues like a stuck broken key. When this happens, you will have to change your door locks.


Digital Door Locks

Smart door lock systems refer to digital door locks that use access codes rather than keys. As such, you will not have to worry about being a victim of a locksmith scam when you engage door lock repair services.


Door Handles


Door handles are important because they allow you to open your door and give easy access to elderly and children. Just like window and kitchen cabinet handles, they too come in varying shapes and sizes.


Pros and Cons of Digital Door Locks


If you are planning to hire a handyman in Singapore to enhance your home’s locking system, a smart door locking system is the best option. However, before choosing one, you should first consider the pros and cons of installing a digital door lock system.


  • Digital door lock uses access code instead of physical keys to unlock. Hence, it is extremely convenient to use. With such locks, you will not have to perform door lock or door hinge repairs.
  • Digital locks offer enhanced security as a modern door lock system.
  • With digital door locks, there is a lesser likelihood of experiencing common door lock problems.



When Do You Need to Replace Your Door Lock?


You should remove or replace your door knob or door lock if you have used yours for a long time, contains outdated features or cannot be repaired by professional handyman services anymore.


What Should You Know about Your HDB Door Locks?

All locks are unique and differ in designs, shapes, and sizes. Hence, it is normal if you are confused by the wide variety of door locks. Additionally, mortise locks are also commonly used in residential houses.

You should consider the following facts about common door locks used in HDB flats if you are planning to replace your main door lock.

  • Majority of homeowners look for cheap handyman services to install simple key locks and deadbolt locks.
  • Key locks consist of a small cylinder that connects each end of the door to one another.
  • For deadbolt locks, your key will either open or close the door as it controls the lever. The tang remains with the rest within the cylinder when the door is unlocked. When the door is locked, part of it comes out and hooks itself to the mainframe.
  • Tubular locks are the most common type of door locks used on wooden doors. They are often used inside the house, and a bore is made on the door to install the lock. You can also choose a push-button knob if you want.
  • You will see a sprung latch on top of a mortise lock, which allows it to move down to lock or unlock the door. You should replace your door lock if you are experiencing any problems with your mortise locks.
  • If your door has a rim lock, you will find it attached to the door’s surface. A small latch is used to unlock the door from the inside while a small size rim with the key home is used to unlock the door from the outside.
  • Mechanical locks operate with metals and thus, are termed as such. These metals fall into the bolt’s slot to prevent them from moving. Homeowners in affluent places like Orchard and Sentosa often use mechanical locks.
  • Common electronic locks use basic electric current for locking and unlocking. The integrated alarm system makes it sophisticated and secure. However, you will need to memorise a set of key combinations to unlock them. If you have decided to install electronic locks, it would be more convenient to hire cheap handyman services to help you do so.



Common types of HDB main door locks include mortise locks, deadlatch, deadbolt, digital door locks and door handles. Your home will only be safe and secure if you have a quality door lock installed by professional handyman services. If you are opting for a door lock replacement, you can get in touch with Everyworks Singapore for guaranteed workmanship and reliability. You can also use the following price list as a reference.


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