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How To Choose A Door Lock To Install

When moving into a new home, it’s important to install a new door lock to ensure your security. However, deciding which lock you want installed by a trusted handyman can sometimes prove difficult. With that, here are some guidelines to help you in purchasing a door lock.










Which Lock Type Is Most Suitable For You?

Though most doors share similar features, it’s still important to know what material they’re made of and the specific type of lock they require. This is to ensure that the door lock you purchase is durable enough and secure enough. Seek guidance from an experienced handyman to determine what type of lock your door requires.

The following are two types of locks commonly used in residences in Singapore:

  • Mortise Locks: Mortise locks normally consist of two components whereby the main component is bored deep into the side of the door. This type of lock is the only which attaches to the door from the inside and is commonly used in Singapore residences.
  • Latch Bolts: These types of locks are beveled and consist of a spring-loaded mechanism. The spring ensures that the bolts retract whenever the lock is opened and extend each time the lock is closed.

What Lock Features Should You Look Out For?

Though deadbolts and latch locks remain common, many homeowners nowadays take features into account when choosing which door lock to install. These include door lock design, security level, and mechanism type.











Door Lock Design

Some homeowners don’t feel the need to change the lock that comes with the main door of their new home. In fact, a number of them simply wish to replace the lock’s cylinder in order to prevent any security breaches by previous residents.

Nevertheless, when changing door locks, many others still consider design as an important factor. Some door locks consist of fancy patterns while others include more digital features such as biometric functions. If you’re inclined to purchase a digital door lock, it may help to eradicate some of the common door lock installation mistakes and are subject to less door repair services.

Door Lock Security Level

High-security locks come in many different forms such as anti-drill locks. These locks consist of saw-resistant bolts which include anti-saw pins that make it difficult for the deadbolt to be sawed through. In addition, there are solid steel chips placed inside the casing which are drill-resistant. They are also less likely to experience any door lock related issues.


Door Lock Mechanism Type

For some people, how a door lock functions is an important factor to consider when deciding which one to purchase. Some homeowners may choose to install digital door locks to give access to friends and family via individual passcodes. Meanwhile, others may choose to install door handles instead of door knobs to provide easier access. There are even buyers who may prefer an automatic night latch lock for better convenience.











Factors To Consider When Hiring A Handyman

If you’re currently experiencing any door lock-related issues, it’s best to seek help from an experienced handyman. But before doing so, make sure to study your door lock carefully to see where the problem lies so that you can avail of the most appropriate service available. In addition, always remember to keep the following factors in mind when booking:

  • Time period: Any reliable handyman should be able to arrive at your doorstep within the day once you’ve booked their services. Fortunately, most of them arrive between half an hour to an hour after booking.
  • Knowledge: A professional handyman always arrives prepared and have their complete set of equipment with them. They should also have the capacity to analyze your door lock issues thoroughly and solve them as efficiently as possible. Moreover, they should be able to avoid any door lock installation mistakes whatsoever.
  • Pricing: Always make sure to engage with a door lock repair service with competitive prices instead of those with cheap quotas. See to it also that the services being provided are priced legitimately and that there are no hidden charges of any kind.

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