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Things to Look Out for When Finding a Reliable HDB Plumber

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There are many things that you should consider when hiring an HDB plumber for plumbing installations and other services. Without them, you might end up engaging a plumber without much experience in conducting plumbing works. Whether you are having plumbing choke cleared or getting your toilet bowl and water heater installed, contacting a professional with the proper qualifications and skillset is always a must.

With that, here are things to look out for when finding a reliable HDB plumber.


Certifications or License To Do Plumbing Works








To ensure that the plumber you are hiring is reliable and properly qualified, you should confirm that they have the necessary certifications or licenses. Take note that plumbers assigned to do HDB work are required to obtain a license from the Housing Development Board. Furthermore, having them produce their certifications can prove that they are indeed certified and thus well-trained in resolving residential plumbing emergencies.













When hiring a plumber, see to it that they offer adequate coverage for any accidents or damage that might take place while resolving an emergency or non-emergency plumbing issue. They should be able to provide workman’s compensation as well as minimum liability insurance so that you are protected in case any workers become injured during the plumbing works.



Make sure that the plumber you are engaging is also accredited by reputable bodies such as the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). That way, you can guarantee that they are legitimate and that they are skilled enough to conduct plumbing installations or resolve common plumbing issues.


Level of Experience











Before you decide on hiring a plumber’s services, ask them how long they have been conducting home maintenance works. It is best that the professional you seek to hire has at least four to five years of plumbing experience. Without sufficient experience in installing and repairing taps and faucets, shower sets, and other appliances, the plumber you hire might end up damaging your home appliance products. Additionally, they might cause even more issues such as multiple plumbing leaks.



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