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To Drill Or Not To Drill For Wall Mount Installations




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Knowing when you need to drill for your wall mounting installations is extremely important. This is because certain walls consist of drill-resistant material and thus cannot be used for installed TV brackets or artwork. Besides that, there are some assembled furniture which can be hung without the need to call handyman drilling services. If you are unsure about whether you should drill your walls for your wall mounting installations, simply take note of the following:


Advantages of Drilling For Wall Mounting Installations










One reason why most people prefer to hire a handyman for drilling services is because the process of drilling tends to be difficult. Any mistake you make while drilling holes to install a pull-up bar or pictures can lead to significant damage to your walls. In fact, even a minor job such as a door hinge repair can result in permanent wear and tear if not done properly.

By contacting a professional handyman to conduct your drilling works for you, you minimize the risk of damage taking place. In addition, you will be able to save more since you do not have to spend money for your own tools and equipment. A professional handyman can also give you advice on how to maintain your wall-mounting installations so that no issues recur in the future.


Why Some People Do Not Drill Their Walls











Some people are unable to get a handyman to drill their walls due to their home regulations. If they happen to be tenants, it is possible that they are prohibited from conducting any home maintenance works by their landlord. Meanwhile, others might be hesitant to drill into their walls as there is a risk of damaging their walls if not done properly.

There are also homeowners who have the freedom to drill holes in their walls but prefer not to for aesthetic and cost reasons. Oftentimes, they dislike the appearance left by an installed wall hook or bracket once it has been relocated. Some also feel that having to fix a hole in their wall after renovations or redecorating is an unnecessary expense.

Even if drilling a hole in their wall is a highly considered option, some people simply do not have the skills to do so. Take note that drilling requires special tools and equipment to avoid major defects from being created. In that case, engaging handyman services might be the best option.


Popular Alternative Options To Drilling








If you happen to be one of those who prefer not to call handyman services to drill a hole into your wall, there are some alternative options which you can take. But take note that most of these are only feasible for walls which are well-painted or consist of plaster. Furthermore, these alternatives are only best used for lightweight items like wall-mounted artwork or wall hooks.

  • Press-in hooks
  • Reusable tape or adhesive
  • Sticky picture hanging strips
  • Adhesive hooks
  • Decorative rope to loop around existing hooks
  • Picture hanging kits


Pros And Cons of Drilling











– It is considered as a very reliable way to install wall-mounted items

– Drillling is much more durable as compared to using adhesive or tape

– Can be used for items of any weight, including large-scale items such as TV bracket and shelf installations.

– Can be done regardless of wall type


– Causes permanent changes to your wall once done (even for minor works such as door hinge repairs). However, it is possible to restore a drilled portion of your wall using plaster.

– Requires adequate training and knowing how to properly use professional tools (including the right drill bits) to perform drilling works.

– Requires knowledge on the proper methods of drilling for different types of walls.

– Requires the use of proper safety gear and strict adherence to safety precautions.


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