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Things to Consider Before Buying a Daikin Air Conditioner

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Having an aircon installed in your home or office can help you to improve indoor air quality. Among many of the residential or commercial aircons available for purchase in Singapore, Daikin aircons are highly recommended. But in order for you to have the right Daikin aircon installed, be sure to take note of the following:


Room Size


In order for you to have maximum comfort, always make sure to take note of how large your room is before having an aircon installation done. An oversized Daikin unit can cause you to feel too cold and could prove too noisy. On the other hand, a unit which is too small may not be enough to cool your home or workspace.

If the room where you intend to have your home or office aircon installed has large windows, you might want to purchase a Daikin aircon with a high BTU rating to ensure enough air distribution. But in case your room is mostly insulated, a Daikin aircon with a lower BTU rating might be better so that you can maintain optimal room temperature.


System Type


Like Mitsubishi and Panasonic aircons, Daikin aircons are categorised into different Systems (specifically System 1 to System 5). These systems differ in terms of capability. Thus, make sure to review each of them carefully before deciding which Daikin aircon you want to purchase. For instance, a Daikin System 3 aircon can be remotely controlled through your smartphone whereas a System 1 model cannot.


Aircon Noise Level

Some people are not too mindful of an aircon’s noise levels. Meanwhile, others need a model that performs quietly so they can sleep easily. If you belong to the latter, then it might be best for you to install a Daikin aircon with a noise level of 19dB or lower.


Air Quality

All Daikin aircons are built to distribute clean air to any home or office. But in case you are in need of a model with enhanced air purification features, we recommend that you purchase from Daikin’s iSmile series. Daikin iSmile aircons guarantee improved air quality thanks to their use of PM2.5 aircon filters. They can even filter dust, allergens, and other pollutants of the smallest size. By having an air conditioning service install a Daikin iSmile model in your home, you can greatly decrease your likelihood of experiencing health problems like difficulties in breathing, allergies, and asthma.


Energy Efficiency

When deciding which aircon to install in your home, energy efficiency is an important factor to consider. Take note that some aircons are less efficient than others and can cause your power bills to rise significantly. In order for you to have as much aircon energy savings as possible, it is recommended that you buy a Daikin aircon with 5 ticks from the NEA. This will enable you to have cold air while also minimising electricity consumption.




Many people in Singapore prefer to install aircons which can provide them with increased comfort and convenience. If you consider yourself among them, you should purchase a Daikin aircon which consists of intelligent features and advanced technology (e.g. the Daikin iSmile System 4 Inverter model). By doing so, you will be able to relax or work much more efficiently and comfortably.


Cooling Capacity

When choosing the right inverter or non-inverter aircon from Daikin to install in your home, make sure to buy a model which has a high enough BTU rating. This will ensure that your home or office is provided with enough refreshing air. Take note that a unit whose BTU rating is too low might fail to cool your space adequately. Furthermore, it can cause you to have higher electricity bills.



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