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How To Fix Common Door Knob Issues?

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Singaporean homeowners need to do door handle repair regularly because of door knobs or door handle issues they often encounter. Most types of door knobs have spring-loaded latches that bulge every time it is used because the spring gets compressed. The spring will be extended once the door is latched. Such issues frequently occur with bedroom doors and bathroom door knobs, and can be a big problem because of the lack of privacy.

These types of door knob and handle problems are very common and we are now going to talk about how to fix them:


Knob Turns But Cannot Open


When you start to notice that your door knob does not open even if you turn it over and over again, this could mean that there is an issue with the latch spring that prevents the handle from compressing the latch. If you want to fix this, you should first open the door. If the knob is on the exterior door, you should ensure that all the door locks are open. After that, proceed with removing all the handles of the knob with a screwdriver.

You should also remove the door knob spindle and try to retract the latch. If the latch retracts, it means that the spindle is not properly connected with the door knob. This allows you to distinguish if there is a problem with the door knob, handle or spindle, or if the required pressure could not be applied because these components are not connected properly. Upon checking and finding any damaged parts, you should then opt for door knob replacement. However, if no major damages are present, try connecting the door and spindle so that an adequate amount of pressure can be applied to open the door.

If you have tried the steps said above and the latch still does not retract, the problem may lie on its housing, spring, or other parts of the latch. When this happens, you should not hesitate to call a professional handyman to properly repair or replace your doors. Alternatively, you can also replace all of the latch mechanisms but keep the door knobs.


Loose Door Knob

Door knobs tend to get loose over time because force is applied when opening the doors. The recommended technique to tighten it is based on what type of knob or latch you have.

A way to solve this problem is by detaching the screws on its shank before holding it on the opposite side and turning it clockwise until it fits properly. Afterwards, you should tighten the screws until it rests on the flat side of the spindle. If this method does not work, then you should remove its spindle to see if there are any damages. If there is, the spindle should be replaced. However, if the whole latch or lock is damaged, then it should be replaced altogether. When this happens, an expert handyman will always be available for you to contact. They can fix every door knob problem quickly and without any hassle.


Stuck Lock Button


The door lock button is commonly found on the interior of the door knobs. It can get stuck but this issue is very easy to fix. The first option is to put pressure on the lock button and release it after a while. If it does not work, you can apply more pressure onto it, but for a shorter period of time than the first option to make it loose. If the button is still stuck after doing these steps, you can try moving it up and down while applying pressure onto the lock button. Mentioned above are some recommended ways to solve a stuck lock button on the interior of door knobs. However, it may not be possible to press the lock button if it is stuck on the outside. When this happens, it is not advisable to move the knob up and down because it may move other parts of the knob. It may also cause the latch bolt to be stuck. You can solve this problem by removing the door knob and unlatching it before cleaning it.


Broken Key inside Door Knob


This problem may seem impossible to solve, but you can pull the broken out by using  needle-nosed pliers. If the first recommendation does not work, you can either use a saw blade to pull the key out or remove the door knob cylinder before putting a stiff wire inside of the keyhole to push the broken piece of the key out.



Singaporean homeowners often face problems regarding their door knobs, door locks, or handles. It may be stuck, loose, or have a broken piece of a key inside it. Most door knob and door handle issues can be fixed easily if you have the right knowledge. However, if the entire lock or latch is damaged, you might need to contact a professional but cheap handyman like Everyworks Singapore to do the job for you. We have professionals with years of experiences and they can fix your door problems swiftly and at a very cheap price!


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This article was reproduced from A1 Knobs & Handles.

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