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Common Door Lock Installation Mistakes To Avoid



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Door lock installation is a common procedure undertaken by homeowners to enhance security. In most cases, it is done when moving into a new home or when changing a loose door latch or door knob. If you’re looking to install a new door lock, make sure to avoid the following mistakes:












Purchasing Substandard Locks

Purchasing a cheap door lock may not seem like a serious matter at first. However, it’s important to remember that intruders can pick substandard door locks more easily as compared to pricier but more durable door locks. Moreover, these locks are less durable and may cause you to struggle with various door lock issues over the long term. So to ensure your security, always make sure to buy a high-quality door lock such as a professional grade lock, smart digital door locks, or even a heavy deadbolt.


Measuring The Door Incorrectly

Failing to measure your door correctly may make it difficult to close once the door lock is installed. As such, it’s best to measure it from its unbeveled side to ensure

that the lock is angled correctly. Otherwise, the door lock may end up being installed in a crooked manner thereby preventing the door itself from locking properly.











Misaligning the Lock

One common mistake made by homeowners when installing or changing a door lock is positioning the deadbolt or door knob incorrectly. In fact, many only come to realise this once the lock has been screwed in. It’s important, therefore, to ensure that your lock is oriented properly so as to prevent it from locking from the opposite side. Should you face difficulty with this process, contact cheap handyman services to assist you.


Installing Digital Locks Without Proper Knowledge

Digital locks have undoubtedly been in heavy circulation in recent times mostly due to their high security level. However, not many homeowners know how to properly install them and many fail to consider the complex processes involved. It’s best, therefore, to contact a professional handyman if you wish to install such a model in your home.











Disregarding Weather Conditions

Before installing or changing a door lock, it’s necessary to take note of current weather conditions. The reason for this is because strong weather changes can cause your doors to warp thereby making them difficult to lock. If you happen to reside in an area in Singapore with high humidity or damp conditions, then it’s best to purchase weatherproof door locks which don’t require too much door repair servicing.










Drilling Door Holes Incorrectly

Installing a door lock normally requires you to bore holes into your door. However, many homeowners fail to carry out this process correctly. To properly create holes for the door locks, begin drilling the holes from the inside until the centre portion of your drill protrudes through the door. Afterward, switch sides and continue the process. This ensures that the door incurs minimal damage and avoids splintering. If you continue to experience difficulty, don’t hesitate to contact handyman drilling services for assistance.


There’s no need to feel anxious about door lock-related issues since they tend to be fairly common. Should you happen to experience any, simply contact an experienced handyman to provide you with assistance. Feel free to also view our price list for more information on the different door repair services we provide.


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