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When You Should Change Your Door Locks

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In your home, besides doing regular door maintenance and door repair, it is always imperative to have a layered security system to ensure your safety. Usually, more elaborate forms of this system consist of different components such as alarms, sensors, door locks, and many others. But regardless of its type, most professional handymen believe that a layered security system’s first line of defense should always be the main door lock. With that said, the following are some guidelines on when you should opt for a door lock replacement:











When You Move Into A New Residence

Most people don’t think that changing their main door locks after moving into a new residence is a necessity. The reason for this is because it may not just be the previous occupants who have duplicated keys – their relatives or close friends might possess one too! Assuming you’re the owner of the house, you could simply resolve this issue by opting for a door lock replacement. On the other hand, finding a solution may prove difficult if you happen to be a mere tenant. In that case, you can consider purchasing an extra gate lock or enhancing your door’s deadbolt with the help of door repair services.












When You Lose Your Keys

Losing your keys is enough of a security risk since it can enable any intruder to gain access into your home. As such, you should immediately replace your locks and keys should you ever find yourself in this situation, especially considering that the keys were stolen for a targeted purpose. To facilitate this process, contact a professional handyman to do a lock replacement for you in order for your security to be guaranteed.











When Your Door Locks Deteriorate

Most often, individuals refuse to replace an item that they’ve become accustomed to over the long-term. This is especially common when it comes to door locks. As much as you wish to consider maintaining your old and rusty door locks, doing so will only create a big security risk. Therefore, the better option would be to contact door repair services to replace your door locks with newer and more technologically advanced models. This would surely minimise the potential for a security breach occurring as well as prevent any accidents.


Other Reasons For Changing Your Locks

Other potential reasons for availing of a door lock replacement include any recent security threats, simply parting ways with a long-time partner, or malfunctioning door locks. Whatever the cause, if you sense that replacing your door locks would prove to be safer, then don’t hesitate to contact our professional handyman team to give you assistance. For more information, make sure to view our door repair services price list.


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