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Selecting Door Knob Finish For Your Home

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Door knobs may seem like they have very little impact on the overall look of a home. People often do not notice it and fail to take it into consideration when designing the house when in reality, like door handles, door knobs contribute to the sophistication of each space and complements the decor around it. However, for a door knob to complement the style of your home and make it look very beautiful, it should be in the right finish. Having knowledge in the various door knob finishes and styles that is available in Singapore can help you make a better decision on the type of door knobs you should install in your homes.

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Type of Door Knob Finish

Satin, Chrome, and Steel


Metal door knobs have various silver-gray finishes that can complement various home decors. Hence, modern homeowners in Singapore tend to choose to install door locks and knobs that have satin nickel finishes. It not only has a soft sheen but it also matches the theme of most house designs. Door knobs made of distressed nickel, especially those that may be more suitable for homeowners who prefer traditional home decors. Distressed nickel finishes reflect natural platina and dark looks, so it is often chosen by people who prefer traditional home decors. This is especially so for distressed nickel with wooden and natural stone accents.

Meanwhile, the flexible design and silvery finish of stainless steel and chrome makes them one of the most popular finishes. They can be used in homes that have a more polished look. If you are feeling more experimental, you can also use them for retro-themed homes. Additionally, satin chrome finishes are also popular amongst homeowners that like traditional designs because of its naturally textured finish and subdued color.



Bronze door knobs with brown and orange undertones are perfect for both light and dark colored decors. You can install or replace your old and rusty door knobs with satin bronze ones if you want to match them with your wooden floors. Satin door knobs match well with trimmed and wooden door floors and reflect a natural and luxurious look.

There is also a type of bronze finish that has red and black undertones called aged-bronze. A professional handyman would recommend these knobs for houses with modern and traditional decors. If you prefer a more textured and dark tone in specific areas of your homes, you can also use oil-rubbed bronze. Regardless of the bronze finish, you should keep in mind that bronze finishes retain their original color and look even better and more elegant after a long period of time.




Door knobs with brass finish can be used with traditional home furniture and decor. It adds to the polished look of the homes with its yellow-gold color and shiny and sparkling appearance. However, they are more costly compared to other types of knobs. If you are not a fan of shiny knobs, you can also choose darker colored ones. Alternatively, you can also choose an antique brass door knob for a darker color knob and a more rustic look.




Pewter finishes are recommended if you want your homes to have an ultra-modern design and feel. It has a mixture of tin alloy and gray-silver and is best suited for rustic doors with shiny steel or chrome finish. You can also choose to install door locks and knobs with pewter finishes in homes with deep colored decors since scratches or smudges on pewter finishes are often not noticeable.


Colored Ceramic or Enamel

Colored ceramic knobs have various colors to choose from including blue, red, white and black, and are best suited for contemporary decors. They also come with elegant patterns that can easily match and enhance your home’s overall look. Additionally, they are the best option for front doors because they are very long-lasting and versatile.


Factors to Consider When Choosing A Finish


Overall Theme Design

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a door knob finish is the overall theme and design of your home. It is important to ensure these elements complement each other so that you can enhance the overall design of your home. You should also ensure that your door knobs are not too flashy or too grand as they are extremely visible. For example, a polished chrome or bronze finish door knob is most suitable for traditionally designed homes.

If you are having trouble deciding on which finish is best suited for your home’s design then do not hesitate to hire a handy handyman to help you with your decision and the door knob installation.


Door Function

Similar to choosing door locks and handles, it is important to know the door function before choosing its finish. Choosing a finish that does not complement your door function can inconvenience you in the future. Some of these door functions include privacy, storage, keyed entry and passage. You should also think of whether the door is for your kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, cabinet doors, interior, or exterior. Doing so will help you choose the best door finish.


Aesthetic Appeal


The aesthetic appeal of your homes should also be considered when choosing the design and style of your door knobs. We strongly suggest you buy door knobs that match your home design perfectly. These knobs can make or break the overall look and feel of your homes. You will also be able to enhance your home value when you match the door knobs with the existing hardware like your other door handles, and decor of your home.


Existing Door Accessories

When selecting door knob finishes, you should also take into consideration the existing accessories you have on your doors. An example to that is, if you own ornate-looking door grills, you should opt for satin nickel door knobs instead of bronze door knobs. You should also remember that the door knobs installed must match with your door accessories so that it will not look misplaced.



There are a variety of door knobs to choose from like satin, bronze, brass, colored-ceramic, and pewter. Although, selecting the right finish for your door knobs can be a bit tricky if you do not have enough knowledge and if you do not take in consideration a lot of factors. If you are interested in door knob replacement, you should not hesitate to call a professional handyman like Everyworks Singapore to help you with your door knob installations. Make your homes look more elegant or modern, your choice! We will help you out at a very low price!


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