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What Happens When You Call A Plumber For A Pipe Leak Problem

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Every homeowner in Singapore may have to deal with a pipe leak issue at some point. A professional plumbing service will be able to repair and handle all sorts of water pipe leak issues, including PPR pipe, PVC pipe, rubber pipe, sink pipe, and main pipes just to name a few. One of the most common water leak issues are copper pipe leaks. Here is what happens when you call a plumber for a copper pipe leak.


Inspect The Pipe Leak


Upon arrival, the first thing the plumber would do is to quickly diagnose the source of your plumbing leak.  There is more than one way to repair a leaking copper pipe. The plumber may ask if you have detected signs of a water leak prior to calling the plumber. A common indicator of a major pipe leak would be a significant increase in water bills. The plumber will also check for puddles of water under your sinks and around your toilets or wet spots on your walls or ceiling.


Diagnose The Pipe Leak

The team of plumbers will then conduct a visual inspection to pinpoint the source of the water leak. After successfully identifying where the leak is coming from, the plumber should carefully explain the necessary pipe leak repairs that they will conduct. The plumber should be able to explain the proper methods to repair your leaking copper piping and provide an outline of his repair works.


Provide A Price Quotation

Finally, the plumber will provide a quote of the total cost of your repair right up front, as well as an estimation of the time needed to perform the plumbing works. An honest and reliable plumber should not have any hidden costs and will provide a transparent quote. You should also ask the plumber for plumbing maintenance tips to prevent the water leak from occurring again.




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