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Benefits Of Installing Stainless Steel Door Handles

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When compared to other door handle materials like copper and brass, stainless steel is the best option. Not only does it make your home look the most sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing to look at, but it has also proven to be extremely durable and rust resistant. Thus, it has a large range of industrial applications such as manufacturing door handles.

We are now going to talk about the benefits of installing stainless steel door handles to give you a better idea of its benefits:


Resistant to Rust

Whenever your metal door knobs or handles are exposed to rain and water and get wet for a long period of time, you may experience a rusty door knob or handle. Fortunately, stainless steels are corrosion-resistant and are less likely to rust under such circumstances. Having said that, they are not completely rust-proof especially during rainy seasons. The quality of the product also deteriorates over time if they are not taken care of properly. Hence, it is vital to invest in lever handle guards or protectors and avoid touching the handles when your hands are wet. You also need to know where the most ideal room to install stainless steel door handles is to preserve its quality and protect it from getting wet.




Unlike other types of door knobs and handles in the market that are susceptible to damages due to its weak materials, stainless steel door handles are well-known for its durability and ability to withstand any impact even when it is forced opened or turned. Thus, if you want to ensure your home’s security, stainless steel door handles can be the perfect fit for you. It is made of relatively strong materials and can prevent your door handles from spoiling.




The material used in stainless steel door handles is not only very strong but it is also durable. Hence, you can maximize its usage and potential for a long period of time because it does not wear out and get easily damaged. Additionally, they are shock-proof.


Weather Resistance


Stainless steel door and cabinet handles are rust-resistant and can withstand any weather conditions because of its strong material and durability. For example, there is a lower likelihood of stainless steel door handles turning loose during extremely cold weather when compared to other door handles. Unlike other door hardware, you will not have to experience any inconvenience regardless of the weather conditions either rain or cold ones, as stainless steel is rust-resistant and a poor conductor of electricity.

If you decide to install stainless steel door handles, you should definitely hire an expert handyman to do so for you. They can give you the best service and quality work, ensuring that the installation of your handle is done neatly and properly.


Low Maintenance

Stainless steel handles unlike other assembled furniture, do not require high level of maintenance, or any special cleaning materials. You will be able to retain its appearance even with ordinary antibacterial soap or mild detergent and water. You do not even have to clean it regularly, because cleaning them twice a year is sufficient to maintain its conditions. However, just like other door handles, you should not apply strong chemicals like bleach cleaners or use steel wool when cleaning the handles. It is not ideal to expose your stainless steel handles to strong chemicals or things that can scratch it. You should use mild cleaning chemicals and normal cleaning cloth or sponge instead.


Hygienic Surface

The reason why stainless steel handles are often used in hospitals and restaurants is because it does not have micro-holes that can cause contaminated chemicals or materials to get stuck or transferred to the surface whenever people hold on to it. It also has a hygienic surface that cannot retain dust, dirt, or bacteria. Another reason why people prefer to use stainless steel handles over other types of door handles is because they can be sterilised.



Everyone should play a part in maintaining a clean environment for the future to come. You can do so by purchasing and using stainless steel door handles because unlike other door handles materials, they are environmentally friendly and can be recycled, thus reducing wastes. After buying the door handle, you can then start to look for cheap handyman services to do the installation process for you.



If you are looking at installing new door handles for your homes, you should definitely consider if it is durable, hygienic, corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant, recyclable or, if it helps reduce waste. Stainless steel door handles have all of the characteristics mentioned above.

If you want to install a stainless-steel door handle, you should call a professional handyman service like Everyworks Singapore. We have a team of experienced and trained professionals who can give you the best service that you can get.


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This article was reproduced from A1 Knobs & Handles.

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