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Are There Cheap Handyman Services in Singapore?

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Every home in Singapore requires varying home services periodically. Most homeowners do not have the time, skills, experience, and tools to carry out the repair or installation works themselves. Hence, they lookout for a reliable and competent handyman in Singapore who can get the work done. Additionally, homeowners look for cheap handyman services that are convenient and handy. Despite the low costs, there are some risks involved in hiring a cheap handyman which every home owner should be aware of.



Homeowners should know that there are many reasons why a handyman is offering cheap services, at lower rates compared to other service providers.


Lacking in Experience

The handyman may be inexperienced, so to gain the experience of doing different kinds of repair works, the provider charges less at the start. The handyman may not be able to do a variety of jobs from electrical to plumbing and aircon servicing to door repair services, or even rubbish chute services. When hiring a cheap handyman, there are no promises of quality work and efficiency.


New Service Company

The handyman services company might be new in the market and reducing the cost of service is the fastest way to gain a pool of customers.

Minor Handyman Projects

The handyman might be taking up handyman projects as his side job, providing only freelance repair works. As such, he picks up minor handyman projects which may account for the lower price rates.


Handyman Near You

The handyman might be working exclusively in the area where your home is located, translating to lower transport costs as the handyman is near you.



There are a few disadvantages of using a cheap handyman based on prices alone, without considering other factors like quality and safety.

For instance, a poor-quality repair work will not last for long and later on require more repair works done. This would cost you to spend more on handyman services and could be time consuming too. Hence, you should look for tips on hiring a handyman in Singapore to find reliable handyman services.

A homeowner should also decide between hiring a professional handyman or a direct contractor based on total cost savings and the service required. Additionally, you should check the experience of the handyman service provider through the handyman reviews to ensure quality work is delivered.



It is advisable to get quotes from multiple handyman service companies before choosing a specific provider. Due to the nature of handyman services, a handyman can come with varied skills and experiences, making it tricky to find the best handyman prices for the type of jobs you need done.

Protip: When asking for a quote for the required handyman service, make sure they give you a price with no hidden charges. Everyworks Handyman Singapore always provides an official quotation with the nett price so you can be assured our prices are transparent, and will have no surprise charges after the work is done.



Everyworks Handyman Singapore is able to offer high quality handyman services and keep the prices affordable for everyone. If you are wondering how we are capable of doing so, here are the few reason:

– Our team of handymen are experienced and skilled to get the repair and other works done quickly. Hence, they are able to complete more handyman jobs in a day.

– We are fortunate to have a large number of customers who use our affordable handyman services.

– We usually provide both materials and manpower for repair or installation works. If the homeowner provides their own material for replacement or installation, we provide only the handyman services at a lower rate.


At the end of the day, the choice is yours to make when it comes to hiring cheap handyman services. We reckon that cheap handyman services are available because of minor works. A handyman service priced too low could be suspicious and it might not provide quality end product. Contact Everyworks Handyman Singapore for any supply or installation works from shelf installation to cabinet installation or cabinet door hinge repair.

Everyworks Singapore gives you the quickest solution to resolve all home maintenance issues faced by the busy modern individual. Fast response, fast arrangements and quality workmanship at reasonable and affordable prices.  As a leading trusted service provider in Singapore, we have served over 20,000 customers delivering outstanding service with hundreds of highly-rated reviews of our professional plumberelectricianaircon servicing technicians and handyman teams. Read through our articles and browse our past works to find out more about our home services in Singapore. To find a quick solution to your home repair woes, contact our dedicated and fast response customer support with a picture or a quick text either by Whatsapp at +65 82410032 or calling us at +65 6909 0990. For email enquiries, send it to

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