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Different Types of Door Handles You Can Install At Home

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There are many homes that make use of various kinds of door handles with different styles and operations. Generally, door handles improve the look of your household and the door lock is for your protection. That said, it is important to take note that these advantages are viable only if you choose the perfect door handle.

If you install an incorrect door handle on your door, it can conflict with the theme of your household. Moreover, it can generate impairment to your doors, which will require door handle repairs. To prevent such difficulties, remember the different kinds of door handles which you can buy for your household and how they vary from one another.


Lever Door Handle


Lever handles are the most popular main door handles. Normally, they are manufactured in big dimensions, and it is likely to be created from metal, which makes them a perfect option since it is durable.


Lever on Backplate Handle

This type of door handle is connected to a metal backplate. It contains a lever attached to a spindle which uses the latch that is on the frame of the installed door. For instance, a handle often installed on cabinet doors is largely used for inside doors which do not need to be locked. However, there are several door types that consist of a keyhole, and a turn-and-release method for extra protection.


Lever on Rose Handle


Usually, the handle is connected either to a round or box-shaped metal plate, which is intended to cover the screws and handle fittings. Just like the drawer handles, it also has different designs and finishes, such as brass, chrome, gunmetal, and nickel. Whereas, many types of door handles are simply installed with a latch. Some types have a keyhole or a turn-and-release method.


Pull Door Handle


Pull door handles are one of the standard kinds of handles and it is usually used on a door without the usage of latches. Installing pull handles is much cheaper than having a professional handyman install door lever handles.


D Pull Door Handle

These types of handles are normally cylindrical and D-shaped. It is usually installed on sliding doors or doors that open inwards. They can also serve as cabinet door handles and it has a wide range of finishes such as steel, brass, and bronze.


Flush Pull Door Handle

These handles are installed dented on glass doors or pocket doors (they can also be seen in walk-in closet doors and areas of wardrobe knobs). Flush pull handles are not usually bought given that they are already built-in to the doors. Several types consist of a lock method, although other types do not contain any door lock.


Thumbturn Door Handle

Thumb turn handles are meant for interior use. These are usually installed on bedroom and bathroom doors, and they do not normally need a key to lock from the inside. Additionally, they are known to be extra protective as they can simply unlock during a dilemma.



There is a wide range of door handles that is readily available in the market. To ensure that you are going to purchase the right kind of handle it should match the aesthetic of your home and also improve the security level of your door lock. The lever and pull handle is mostly used since it is known for its durability. The lever on the backplate is usually used on interior doors, and it does not need locking. Lever on rose handles is installed with a latch mechanism. Pull door handles are usually used in sliding doors. Flush pull handles normally have built-in handles. Then, last but not least is the thumb turn handle which is for interior use, such as for bedroom and bathroom.

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