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4 Things To Consider When Engaging A Plumber For Bathroom Tap Installation

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The bathroom tap is one of the most important fixtures in every home. However, many homeowners including yourself may need to engage professional tap services when their existing tap starts to show signs of malfunctioning. Some homeowners may even want to install a new tap, simply because they like something that looks nicer and has better features.

Apart from the quality and design of your tap, you may also want to ensure that your tap is installed properly, as this will affect its lifespan and reliability. Although most homeowners will source for the best plumbing rates by looking at the plumbing services price list, other factors are also important – such as customer testimonials, plumbing insurance provided, plumbing rates being charged, and, confirmation of the job scope and warranty. Following these factors as a guideline when engaging a plumber can help you avoid any issues arising later on with your tap installation.


Confirm The Job Scope And Warranty


It is critical to confirm the plumbing job scope with the plumber first. This is so you can prevent any problems from occurring in the future, as one of the most common faucet problems is the issue of leaking taps. Most of the time, homeowners will on their own buy the tap they intend to have installed. However, they may not be aware that the tap design will determine how long it takes for the plumber to do the tap installation. For instance, if they have purchased a touchless tap, extra wiring work may be necessary.

Before a bathroom tap is installed, there are instances where installing extra piping or other work is required. Therefore, it is important to check with the plumber the detailed breakdown of the job scope that he will cover including the materials he needs for the installation (e.g., hardware, piping, and fittings). As such, it is good to ensure that the plumbing contractor is well-versed with the guide to purchasing faucets so that he will be able to give a more accurate confirmation of the job scope. It is also recommended that you take a look at the contractor’s portfolio of plumbing works to gain assurance on the reliability of the plumber.

Did you know that one of the common mistakes people make when hiring a plumber is not asking the plumber for a warranty? It is recommended that you check with the plumber if they have any warranty for their tap replacement services. This way, homeowners will be able to do a comparison against other plumbers before deciding.


Plumbing Rates

 Homeowners should keep in mind that most plumbers do not go by hourly rates. Instead, they will charge a flat rate based on the difficulty level of the work for the kind of faucet that they have to install. Additionally, a fixed rate will be charged for their time and transportation costs to get to their customer’s place.

Installing more than one tap is usually going to cost lower as compared to installing just one tap. This is because you are more likely to gain cost savings from the lower cost of installation per tap. When getting a written quotation from the plumber, it is advisable to ask for the job scope to be specified, materials to be provided, warranty, cost of the job, and payment terms, especially if any deposit has to be made. If a plumber is charging much lower than the market rate, they are most likely to be saving costs by supplying inferior materials. As such, it is recommended to read more on how to avoid cheap plumber scams in Singapore so that you do not fall victim.


Plumbing insurance


Although professional plumbers have accumulated years of experience and are aware of how to install a tap, the possibility of an accident happening is still there, or some staff may incur an injury during tap installation. It is therefore advisable to make sure that the plumbing contractor has proper insurance coverage so that you can be compensated for any accidental damage caused and not be held liable for any injuries suffered. Remember to ask the plumber for information on the insurance coverage to ensure that you are well-protected.


Customer Testimonials


One of the ways how to find a reliable plumber is to look at customer testimonials. Most reliable and reputable plumbers have a large base of customers who are satisfied with their service after getting their faucet problems solved. They will usually put up these positive customer testimonials on their website to provide assurance of quality in their plumbing services. You may also check business listing directories such as Yellow Pages, as well as read online reviews on top of customer testimonials.



In order to engage a professional plumber for your bathroom tap installation, keep in mind the things to consider such as customer testimonials, plumbing insurance provided, plumbing rates being charged, as well as the confirmation of the job scope, and warranty from the plumbing contractor. By taking note of these things, you will be able to better select a reliable plumbing contractor to handle your tap installation needs.



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This article was reproduced from Tap Faucet City Singapore.

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