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Reasons to Avoid Hiring A Cheap Plumber

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Many Singapore homeowners do not want to spend much on plumbing. As a result, they are often inclined to engage a cheap plumber. However, doing this can have more disadvantages than benefits. Take note that plumbing works such as fixing a plumbing leak or a plumbing choke may not be resolved immediately if done by a professional lacking the proper tools and skills. 

Here are other reasons why you should avoid hiring a cheap plumber:


You Might End Up Overspending


Cheap plumbers seem affordable at first until they start charging extra costs for unnecessary plumbing services. Some even try to convince buyers to purchase plumbing installations that are not actually required. When this occurs, the homeowner may eventually end up spending more than is necessary. Hence, before hiring a plumber, be sure to ask for the full quotation of the services you need. You can also request for the plumber to only complete the work they have been asked to do so you do not overspend.


You Could End Up Having More Plumbing Issues

Many cheap plumbers are able to charge less because they cut costs by producing low-quality work. At times, even though a plumbing problem requires complicated procedures, they would rather use less efficient materials and short-term solutions. This can eventually result in your plumbing issues worsening as well as damage that might be too costly to fix. When engaging a Singapore plumber, therefore, do not forget to check their reviews to avoid any further plumbing problems.  


Their Work Might Be Below Your Required Standard


If a plumber charges less than other workers in their field, chances are that their work is quite substandard. Remember that many cheap plumbers use low-quality or incomplete materials during plumbing works to keep their prices down. This ultimately compromises the quality of their work and often leads to more complicated issues. Thus, when availing of a service such as a toilet bowl replacement or plumbing leak repair, make sure that the plumber you are hiring has good quality materials prepared beforehand. By doing so, you can ensure that their work meets the proper standards.


They Might Not Have The Necessary Skills

Plumbing usually involves technical procedures that entail a thorough inspection of a particular issue before it is resolved. Whether it be a water heater installation or unclogging a floor trap choke, a plumber must have the necessary skills and knowledge to know what steps need to be taken. In addition to this, they also have to be aware of how to use various plumbing tools needed to do the work assigned to them. 

Unfortunately, there are many cheap plumbers who lack the necessary skill set to deal with complicated plumbing issues. As a result, they often end up botching the work which they need to complete. If you need to hire a plumber, therefore, do not forget to consider their skills and experience.


They May Not Provide A Warranty


Professional HDB plumbers and commercial plumbers usually offer a warranty for the plumbing services they offer. This is to guarantee their clients that they can redo or rectify their work if anything goes wrong. Cheap plumbers, on the other hand, normally do not have such a policy. As such, homeowners who engage their services often have to look for another plumber to rectify any faulty plumbing works. To prevent this from happening, you must always ask if the plumber you are hiring can provide you with a warranty. 



Knowing the reasons why you should not hire a cheap plumber can save you from choosing an unreliable professional. Notwithstanding the fact that cheap plumbers charge less, it is still important to consider the quality of their work. Fortunately, service providers like Everyworks Singapore have capable and experienced plumbers who can do any type of plumbing services you need with ease and accuracy. See our price lists for more info on our servicing costs.


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This article was reproduced from Mr Plumber Singapore

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