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How To Hang Pictures Like An Expert



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Like good furniture assembly, being able to hang your pictures properly can enhance your home’s appearance. Furthermore, it can help hone your skills in hanging other wall furniture as well. Examples include wall hooks or TV bracket installations.

Unlike other handyman works such as door repairs and carpentry, hanging pictures is a fairly easy task to do. That said, it requires patience, and meticulousness. Here are some things to take note of so you can hang your pictures in a skilful manner.

  1. Identify The Area To Hang Your Picture


Before you can hang a picture, you of course need to know where you want to install its wall hook. It is recommended that you choose a place where your pictures will not look crammed. If the picture happens to be dark, you might want to hang them against a background of a lighter shade.

In case you experience difficulty in determining where to hang your pictures, feel free to consult cheap handyman services. They might be able to determine where your pictures can stand out best.

  1. Use The Right Tools To Hang Your Picture

Once you have determined where to install a wall mount to hang your pictures, make sure to equip yourself with the proper tools to hang them. Take note that some walls may need to be bored using drilling materials while others simply require basic handyman tools. If  you are unsure on what equipment you need to hang your pictures, seek advice from a professional handyman.

  1. Estimate The Proper Measurements

Just as you would when mounting artwork on your wall, you need to take the proper measurements to ensure your pictures don’t look out of place. For precision, take a measuring tape and make a marking on your wall at an area 57 inches from the floor. Afterward, determine the midpoint of your pictures and check that their hanging position is at eye level.

If you wish to hang pictures above furniture such as your couch or bed, make sure that  there is a vertical distance of six to 12 inches between them. But if you happen to have high ceilings, you may want to employ the 57-inch rule instead.

  1. Use The Right Anchor or Hook


Affix your pictures to two hooks each so that they do not tilt or hit your installed cabinets or other furniture when hung. For heavy pictures, consider making use of a plastic wall anchor so that they do not fall. For wooden walls however, it might be best to use a non-plastic anchor instead (such as those used for some installed wall mirrors). You can also try using spiral anchors which usually come with special hanging hooks.


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