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3 Signs You Should Purchase A New Shelf Rack

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Most homes in Singapore have one or more shelf racks for additional storage. A shelf rack has a shorter lifespan compared to other furniture. Its lifespan will depend on different factors such as the design, quality, and material. If the shelf is made from wood or plywood, it will usually last for a limited time. It is also likely that the rack may fall apart, get damaged, or even cause accidents if heavy items are placed on the shelves. Hence, it is important to regularly check the condition of the shelf rack so that homeowners could replace it when needed. We have listed some signs of when you should replace your current shelf rack. It is also vital if you will hire the services of a handyman to install your new shelf rack.


Wear and Tear

Any type of rack (e.g. shelf rack) will eventually deteriorate over time. This can manifest in the form of a buckling vertical upright, warping horizontal beams, or damaged frame connectors.

Factors like poor rack quality or installation handiwork can aggravate the wear and tear of the shelf rack. When this happens, it is ideal to purchase a new shelf rack. Additionally, it is convenient to hire a handyman to install your shelf rack as they are skilled and knowledgeable.




One of the factors to consider before a shelf rack installation is to check the material of the shelf rack. A regular metal shelf rack can become corroded if there is a rise in the humidity levels in the storage area or if there is liquid spillage on the rack. The corrosion weakens the racks and increases the likelihood of the components failing. Therefore, if corrosion is visible on the rack, it is ideal to replace your shelf rack. This would also be something for you to consider when determining if you should install a wooden storage rack or a metal storage rack.


Not Cost Effective


Repairing your damaged shelf rack will cost you more as you will need to purchase the necessary tools and equipment. Since installing a shelf rack requires drilling, it is not ideal for you to do the job alone. As there are dangers of DIY drilling, even a small error may cause serious accidents or injuries. If this happens, it will incur more expenses. Therefore, it is ideal to replace your shelf rack with the help of a professional handyman as they are trained to install and replace shelf racks properly and safely. Moreover, hiring one will help you save money as well.



There are many advantages of installing a shelf rack in your HDB flat or household. However, if you do not regularly check the condition of your shelf racks, it may incur problems such as wear and tear, corrosion, and falling apart shelves. If you are currently facing one of these problems, the only solution is to replace your shelf rack. Most people are inexperienced in replacing or installing a shelf rack since it requires great physical effort. That is why you should contact Everyworks Singapore. Our team of experienced specialists can help you choose the best shelf rack for your home and conduct the installation on-site.


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This article was reproduced from A1 Storeroom Rack.

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