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The Difference Between Various Types of Storeroom Rack Layout

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Many homeowners have a lot of items in their home, some of which might be rarely used. Others meanwhile are quite expensive and need to be stored properly. The problem that most people face however is that they have nowhere to store these items and thus end up cluttering their floor space. Fortunately, buying a storeroom rack can resolve this provided a professional handyman will install it. 

Similar to a wall mounting installation, you should select the best rack for your home based on your budget, available space, and other factors. Not only that, it is best to learn about the differences between various types of storeroom rack layout. 


L-Shaped Storeroom Rack


The L-shaped storeroom rack is the most common storeroom rack layout among homes in Singapore. This is essentially made up of two racks arranged in perpendicular form. Moreover, its dimensions depend on how much space is available. Such a rack is also suited to spacious rooms with doors. 

The primary benefit of using an L-shaped storeroom rack is that it makes it easier to store, locate, and retrieve important items. Keep in mind that one of the factors to consider before installing an HDB storeroom rack is how efficiently you can obtain your items. This rack also comes in different materials like wood, plywood, or steel. Wood and plywood racks are often more affordable though they are less durable and need proper maintenance. 

On the other hand, metal racks are often built with steel that is epoxy coated so that they are as durable as possible. There are also boltless racks available which can be assembled without requiring the use of screws. Although make sure to know what boltless racks are and whether they are truly suited to your needs.


Straight Shaped Storeroom Rack


A straight shaped storeroom rack is ideal for smaller rooms with less items requiring storage. This is because its design is fairly basic in that it has multiple shelves stacked atop one another. Just make sure that the space in between the shelves is wide enough to store your items. Another factor to consider before installing a shelf rack or storeroom rack is that the number of shelves is enough. 

This type of shelf  is normally made from metal. Although there are those made of wood which are more affordable. In case you are wondering whether you should install a wooden or metal storage rack, most experts recommend choosing metal racks though as they are much more durable.


U-Shaped Storeroom Rack  


It is recommended to buy a U-shaped storeroom rack if you need to store as many items as possible. This rack is composed of three racks placed next to each other to make a U-shape layout. Furthermore, like other storeroom racks, it comes in both wooden and metal materials. 

Remember to follow the step by step guide to measuring a storeroom rack in your home before buying this rack to ensure that it can fit properly. Although the height of all racks are similar, they may have a wide difference in terms of depth and length.



Besides engaging handyman drilling services, many people in Singapore are purchasing storeroom racks to be able to store their items. If you are among them, keep in mind that there are different types of storeroom racks to choose from. These mainly comprise L-shaped storeroom racks, U-shaped storeroom racks, and straight-shaped storeroom racks. 

Buying an L-shaped storeroom rack will help you better store, locate, and retrieve important items. Although you may opt instead for a straight shaped storeroom rack if you have fewer items to store. Meanwhile, a U-shaped rack is ideal if you have numerous items requiring storage. When choosing the best boltless rack layout or storeroom rack layout, opt for a metal design as this is much more durable and will ensure that the rack doesn’t get damaged easily. 

After selecting the best storeroom rack for your home, contact a professional storeroom rack installer like Everyworks Singapore. We have skilled professionals who can efficiently install your chosen rack for your convenience. 


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This article was reproduced from A1 Storeroom Rack.

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