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Ways A Handyman Can Help You Solve Common Aircon Issues

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A lot of households in Singapore use aircons frequently. An aircon that is not working optimally may disrupt your lifestyle. Hence, it is important to service your aircon regularly to deal with the humidity and heat in Singapore. You can choose to engage either professional aircon servicing companies or a handyman in Singapore to do aircon servicing as they are both qualified to do such servicing. You can also consider Everyworks Singapore for various professional handyman services such as aircon services at transparent and affordable handyman prices.


Common Issues With Aircon Units



Homeowners’ aircon problems often accumulate because of its dirty or clogged aircon filters. A dirty filter will restrict the airflow and freeze the aircon. Thus, it is vital to frequently check and ensure your aircon filters are clean by arranging for an aircon cleaning. You can also hire a handyman to do so.



Thermistors efficiently lower the temperature of your house by managing the temperature settings of the aircon. If the aircon you have installed is not working optimally, you should check and ensure the thermistor is clean. Otherwise, it could be a sign that your aircon needs servicing.




The compressor is a component of the aircon condenser. It helps to provide the energy needed during refrigeration and heat exchange processes. If it is not working properly, your aircon will not be cold enough to cool your house and it may also release warm air. Hence, you should consider arranging for a quarterly aircon servicing to maintain your aircon.


Works Done during Aircon Repairs


A professional handyman will clean your aircon unit thoroughly which includes cleaning the filter, front covers, evaporator fins, and drainage tray to remove any debris.

They will also conduct the vacuuming process to clean the aircon drainage pipe of any debris. This prevents the backflow of water which is often the cause of aircon leaks.

It is advisable to engage a professional aircon technician or engage in a cheap handyman service in Singapore to conduct regular aircon checks. This ensures your aircon and its components including thermistor, controller, refrigerant level, and swing motor are operating at an optimal condition. If you are experiencing water leakage issues, you should also look for any unusual odor or noises. Alternatively, you can engage aircon services and they will help to find the root cause of the problem and fix it for you. 


What to Expect from Everyworks Aircon Servicing Singapore

Everyworks Singapore provides various types of handyman services including a comprehensive aircon servicing which includes chemical washing, aircon gas top up, and aircon chemical overhaul. They will also treat your aircon with the utmost care. You can trust our handyman aircon servicing and skilled aircon technicians to install or repair your aircon.

Your aircon will work optimally again once you have serviced it. It is extremely beneficial and convenient to hire a handyman as they will be able to service your aircon. If you are experiencing problems with your aircon, you should repair it immediately. Otherwise, you may need to spend a lot more at a later stage.


Reasons to Engage Everyworks Aircon Servicing Singapore


Everyworks Aircon Servicing Singapore have a team of skilled aircon technicians for various services including aircon chemical overhaul and aircon gas top up in both residential and commercial buildings. We will be able to easily service and repair popular aircon brands such as Daikin, Panasonic and Mitsubishi in Singapore.



It is important to have a professional handyman service your aircon regularly especially if you use it frequently. This helps to ensure your aircons are working at an optimal level. By engaging aircon services to do a thorough cleaning of your aircon, you can prevent common problems such as dirty and clogged filters and defective compressor or thermistor from occurring. Keep in mind that when it comes to aircon servicing, you do not have to limit yourself by engaging professional aircon servicing companies only. Handymen like Everyworks Singapore will be able to do the servicing just as well. Here is a list of our handyman services’ price for your reference.


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