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Why You Should Hire A Professional To Do Aircon Troubleshooting

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Singapore has a tropical climate and often experiences humid weather. This is the reason why many Singaporean homeowners opt for aircon installation. However, it can start having problems and your aircon will not produce cold air which will result in discomfort and inconvenience. Whenever this happens, most of us try to troubleshoot and fix the aircon issues by ourselves. Unfortunately, this method can only work for short-term relief.

To fix serious problems, homeowners should opt for professional aircon servicing, especially for complicated procedures. Here are common troubleshooting services that are best done by professionals:


Aircon Chemical Overhaul


An aircon chemical overhaul entails disassembling the aircon to get rid of the dirt and debris stuck on the vents, fan coils, and filter. Once an aircon technician has disassembled and cleaned the parts, they can distinguish whether these aircon parts need to be repaired or replaced immediately. After making sure that everything is in good condition, the parts are ready for reassembling. The last step would be to test the aircon to check if it is working properly and blowing out cool and refreshing air as it should.


Aircon Repair 


If your aircon has undergone aircon chemical overhaul and is still not working properly, it means that some parts of it might be damaged. You will need to avail of an aircon repair if this occurs. It is easy for professionals to repair an aircon leaking water issue or a leaking aircon condenser unit. A damaged coil can also be repaired by welding. However, if electrical components like the PCB, capacitor, condenser and fan motors are damaged, they will need to be replaced instead of undergoing repair.


Why You Should Engage Aircon Technicians


When you avail of professional aircon servicing, your unit will be tended by aircon technicians who are trained to deal with any complicated aircon issues. If you experience such problems, you should avoid DIY aircon servicing because troubleshooting your aircon unit without the help of aircon technicians can sometimes cause more harm than good.



Singaporean homeowners may think that DIY aircon repairs is the best option to save money. In truth, it can cost more. If you do not have the right tools to detect and fix aircon issues, you will need to invest in buying aircon repair tools. DIY aircon repairs will also take up a lot of your time. Hence, it is advisable to contact a professional aircon servicing like Everyworks Singapore when you experience certain aircon emergencies. Not only will you save a huge amount of money, but it is guaranteed to give you the best outcome.

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