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Why An Aircon Chemical Wash Is Not Recommended

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People who experience issues with their installed aircon may have it undergo an aircon chemical wash to make sure that it functions normally once more. This particular aircon service type usually involves the dismantling of the residential or commercial aircon and then inspection of its internal parts for signs of mold, dust, or dirt. Once all components have been inspected, chemical cleaning agents are used to wash them. After all traces of dirt and bacteria have been washed and rinsed away thoroughly, the unit is reassembled so it can be used once again.

While an aircon chemical wash may appear to be a feasible method of maintaining an aircon, it actually has its limitations. For this reason, many professionals recommend availing of an aircon chemical overhaul instead. Be sure to take note of the following in order to better grasp why an aircon chemical wash is not preferred too often:


Why An Aircon Chemical Wash Is Insufficient


Despite the fact that an aircon chemical wash entails numerous procedures and is rather costly, it does not completely eliminate all aircon issues that a residential or commercial unit might be facing. In contrast to an aircon chemical overhaul, it merely involves washing off mold and dirt from different aircon parts without examining whether or not they need to be fixed or changed. Keep in mind that certain problems such as aircon water leaks cannot be resolved by simple washing and require the changing or repairing of certain parts. 

One other reason why an aircon chemical wash is not deemed sufficient is that it fails to remove all forms of grime and bacteria that accumulate on the different parts of the unit. Often, small particles remain since nothing other than chemical solutions are used to eliminate them. This is unlike an aircon chemical overhaul which uses extreme water pressure to remove all contaminants that are present on the unit’s components. 


What Procedures Does An Aircon Chemical Overhaul Entail?


An aircon chemical overhaul involves numerous procedures which are not limited to the mere removal of dirt and bacteria. 

Normally, an aircon chemical overhaul begins with the disabling of the unit followed by the locking down of the gas device and the removal of the unit’s cover. After all parts of the aircon have been inspected, major aircon parts such as the fan, motor, drain pan, blower wheel, and evaporator coil are removed. These then undergo washing with the use of chemical solutions and are subsequently rinsed using maximum water pressure to eliminate all forms of mold and grime that have built upon them. 

After the essential components of the installed aircon have been cleaned, anything that is found to be faulty is either repaired or changed. The rotary fan bearings are also oiled so as to reduce noise production and improve performance. Inspection of the thermostat is conducted as well in order to confirm that it functions properly. 

Once the vital components of the inverter or non-inverter aircon have been washed, wiped, and patched, the whole aircon is reassembled and reinstalled. Thereafter, it is tested to ensure that no other problems remain. 


Why You Should Avail from Aircon Chemical Overhaul Services


Instead of having your aircon undergo a chemical wash, you may want to opt for an aircon chemical overhaul instead. This procedure ensures that any faulty parts of your aircon are fixed or replaced in addition to thoroughly cleaning its other components. As such, your unit is guaranteed to work normally and with better performance. In addition, you no longer need to worry about any problems such as recurring aircon water leaks. You also will not have to avail of other services such as an aircon gas top up and costly aircon repairs just to get your unit running. An aircon chemical overhaul also minimizes your unit’s electricity consumption so that you can avoid receiving extremely costly power bills.



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