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When To Replace Your Rubbish Chute



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Rubbish chutes play a big role in ensuring that your home stays as clean as possible. As such, it’s important to immediately have them replaced by a professional handyman once they experience certain issues. So to help you out, we’ve listed some signs for when you need to immediately replace your rubbish chute. Also included are reasons for why you should contact a professional, the procedures involved in replacing your condo or HDB rubbish chute, and the overall cost for said process.


Signs That Your Rubbish Chute Needs Changing


Rusting and Foul Smell

Some homeowners make use of their HDB or condo rubbish chute for a long period of time. However, this can often cause the chute to rust and release a bad odor. Cockroaches and other insects might even be attracted as a result. So if your rubbish chute starts to rust, hire a professional handyman to have it replaced.


Condo or HDB rubbish chutes not made from stainless steel are more likely to incur dents. When this happens, the chute door can start to loosen thereby releasing a foul smell. So if you notice dents on your rubbish chute, have a professional handyman replace it immediately.

Long Period of Usage

Older condo or HDB rubbish chutes tend to be less durable compared to newer models. Moreover, they are more prone to malfunctioning and even produce a loud noise when being opened. If your condo or HDB rubbish chute has been in service for a long time, it might be best to have it replaced by a professional handyman services.


Why Should I Contact A Professional To Replace My Rubbish Chute?

When it comes to your condo or HDB rubbish chute installation, it’s recommended that you hire a professional handyman to do it for you rather than trying to set it up for your own. This is to prevent any installation problems and accidents which might occur. Moreover, having a professional help you out can provide opportunities for you to learn how to properly maintain your rubbish chute.

By seeking the help of cheap handyman services, you can ensure that your rubbish chute works properly as needed. That way, you’ll be able to use it without having to worry about any rubbish chute problems taking place.


What Are The Steps Involved In Changing A Rubbish Chute

Step 1

For the first step in having your rubbish chute replaced, provide details as to whether you’re residing in a condo or HDB flat. In case of the former, provide your service provider with details on your rubbish chute’s measurements including its length and width.

Step 2

Once the servicemen assigned to do your condo or HDB rubbish chute replacement arrive, they’ll start dismantling your existing unit using professional tools. Note that no wall hacking is needed for this step.

Step 3

After dismantling your old rubbish chute, the handymen will start drilling your walls to install the new unit.

Step 4

Once your walls have been drilled, the handymen will now affix your new condo or HDB rubbish chute. After ensuring that no installation problems have occurred, they’ll start cleaning up so you make use of your new unit immediately.


How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Rubbish Chute?


The cost for a condo or HDB rubbish chute replacement is dependent on the type of unit you require. For instance, condo rubbish chutes might be more expensive to install since they don’t have a standard size. Not only that, but different service providers might have varying costs when it comes to rubbish chute servicing. If you want to have your condo or HDB rubbish chute replaced at an affordable price, contact Everyworks Singapore today.


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