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When Should I Hire A Professional for Aircon Troubleshooting

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Many aircon models are designed to function well for five years without going through aircon repairs. However, if the unit is having a hard time cooling or is experiencing water leakages, it will need to undergo aircon servicing. Should you notice such problems, you must troubleshoot your aircon or hire a reliable aircon servicing company to address the problem to prevent the issue from worsening.

In this article, we discuss common aircon issues and how to troubleshoot each one:


Aircon Unit Is Not Cold Enough

An aircon produces and releases cold air, and the most common issue is that some aircon is not cold. There are a lot of underlying causes to this issue, one of which is blocked air filters. Occasionally, the airway is blocked with an excessive amount of filth and waste, restricting the air from going in. The other causes include a defective compressor and components, refrigerant leaks, a damaged thermostat, or a clogged condenser. It is ideal to let an expert aircon technician repair your aircon as they can immediately notice that your aircon is not cold.


Aircon Water Leaks

The reason behind aircon water leaks is often due to filthy or clogged aircon filters as the air is not able to pass through the air vents. Another cause of aircon leaks is an impaired condenser coil and a defective pump. The function of condenser coils is to eliminate the heat from the outside, and if it is impaired, the water will freeze causing it to leak. Meanwhile, the pumps are in charge of draining the water out, and if it is defective, the water will not get out of the drains, thus water leaks will occur. To stop the water from leaking, simply clean your installed aircon. Although if this persists, contact an aircon technician to solve the problem.


Noisy Aircon Sounds


Another aircon repair symptom is the abnormal sounds coming from your installed aircon. When you hear a banging noise, there might be a detached or damaged aircon component. At times, this issue is due to a detached pin or piston in the compressor or fan. If you hear a clanking noise, the cause might be unstable aircon components. Clicking sounds are usually owing to a defective thermostat while buzzing and humming noises are often due to detached electrical connections or components. When you hear a squealing sound, it means that the refrigerant is leaking, thus it requires regular inspection. Different aircon repairs can also be performed for these types of aircon problems.


Blinking Aircon Light

Modern aircon models have been designed with a light that will blink if the installed aircon experiences an error. When you notice this sign, you can scan through the user’s manual for troubleshooting aircon issues. If it is caused by dirty aircon filters, it means that your aircon needs cleaning. Although for major issues like a damaged PCB or electrical wiring and malfunctioning compressor, seek the help of an expert aircon technician.


Why An Expert Is Needed For Aircon Servicing


Complicated Process of Aircon Repair

New aircon models are intended to be more advanced with contemporary aircon parts and improved operation. Even the method of aircon repair in Singapore has changed into a more complex and technical-needing expertise and requires understanding to repair any kind of aircon issue. If your aircon unit has major issues such as electrical failure, compressor problems, and gas leaks, hire a reputable aircon servicing company to prevent having to address the issue yourself. A certified aircon technician has the expertise and proper training to fix any kind of aircon issue.


Equipment Needed For Aircon Repair

Not all aircon problems can be addressed by plain troubleshooting as some aircon components might need to be connected or disassembled. There are specific aircon repair tools to effectively fix these issues. This equipment is available in most aircon repair companies and are used by qualified aircon technicians when conducting aircon servicing. Letting the aircon technician repair your aircon is not only time-saving, but it is also convenient as you will not need to purchase any tools. They can also do repairs at a low cost.




It is important to remember that there are different ways to troubleshoot an aircon issue, and it depends on what kind of issue your aircon is experiencing. Failing to notice the problem will cause your aircon to develop severe damages, and will warrant expensive aircon repairs. If you see changes in your aircon’s performance, it is important to do aircon troubleshooting first. If the issue continues, hire a professional aircon maintenance company like Everyworks Singapore. We have a team of certified aircon technicians who can conduct aircon troubleshooting and repair any damages at an affordable price.


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