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What You Should Consider When Selecting Cabinet Knobs

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The kitchen cabinet knobs and handles you choose to install will not only enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen but also affects its efficacy and functionality. Thus. you should thoroughly inspect your hardware to ensure you choose the right ones. When selecting cabinet knobs, there are some factors you should consider which will help you in your decision making when choosing and installing cabinet door knobs.  


Size of The Cabinet Knob


You should install cabinet knobs of the right size for a quicker knob installation. If your cabinet doors are taller than the average height, you should use a 38mm knob. However, if your doors are of average height, using a 30mm knob would suffice. This tip will determine the ease of opening your cabinet. You should also consider these tips on placing your cabinet knobs for greater convenience.


Appearance of The Cabinet Knob


Some manufacturers intentionally produce low-quality knobs with open backs to save metal and production costs. Hence, you should thoroughly check the appearance and finishing features of your door knob. Some of the things you should look out for and consider when choosing cabinet handles and knobs is the thickness of the edges and metal flames. If you do not, you may risk buying a thin knob that will bend and dent over time. You should also weigh these knobs because low-quality knobs are usually lighter and hollower, making them more vulnerable to damages.


Cost of The Cabinet Knob

You should always keep in mind that the quality of the product you buy is always proportional to the price you pay for it. Hence, you should always have an idea of how much you are willing to pay for a high-quality knob. Even though many businesses sell different types of door handles and door knobs at affordable prices, you do not want to mistake them with poorly finished, cheap-looking and inferior knobs. Thus, we would highly recommend going to a nearby cabinet showrooms or hardware stores instead of big-box stores as you will have a greater variety to choose from. 

The price of door and cabinet knobs are determined by its design and finish. Bronze and stainless steel door handles and knobs tend to be more expensive. However, they are also more durable than other materials. When buying your knobs, we would recommend buying them in sets so that you can easily remove or replace damaged knobs.


Interior Design of Your Home

Some of the factors you should consider when choosing cabinet handles  and knobs you should buy, include how well these hardware complement your kitchen’s interior design. Cabinet knobs with clean and straight silhouettes such as bar knobs are ideal for modern kitchens. Rustic-looking knobs such as kitchen bin knobs are better suited for kitchens with farmhouse-design. You can also use vintage or ornate knobs if your kitchen has a vintage, makeshift, or antique design.

When buying door handles and knobs for your home, you should also keep in mind that the finish of these hardware will have a great impact on the overall look of your kitchen. Thus, you should always ensure that the knobs you buy are suitable for your kitchen design. Here are some combinations you can consider when buying cabinet knobs. You should buy chrome or stainless-steel finish door handles or knobs to enhance the look of a modern kitchen and buy nickel, gold, bronze or custom finishes to enhance the look of a traditional kitchen. 


Finish of Your Cabinet

Brushed nickel and chrome knobs are very popular amongst homeowners. Having said that, there are plenty of other types of kitchen cabinet handles and knobs you can choose from that will match with your kitchen cabinet. You should keep in mind that you will not have to replace any of your existing appliances to enhance the look of your kitchen if you choose knobs that complement your cabinet finish.

Most cabinet finishes will complement brushed stainless steel, nickel, bronze, black mat, and aluminum knobs. However, if you want a more contemporary kitchen appearance, you can also consider installing dark bronze, white, or transparent glass knobs. If you do decide to ask a professional to install one of these door knobs, you should know that such knobs are quite rare to find in the marketplace.


Quality of The Knob


You should always examine the cabinet knobs you are intending to buy closely to ensure that they have a long lifespan. You should keep in mind that elegant looking knobs do not necessarily mean high quality. Hence, you should take some time to thoroughly inspect the knob’s metal and edge thickness to ensure that your chosen door knobs do not rust, fade or break easily. 

Regardless of how striking you want your kitchen cabinet to be, you should not compromise on the quality of your door knob as you will use it for a long time. Thus, it is better to prioritise knobs that are comfortable and easy to use. If you are unsure of what can be deemed as high quality door knobs, you can hire a professional handyman or locksmith to recommend you the most suitable cabinet knobs for your home. 



Hence, some things you should consider when buying new cabinet handles and knobs include size, quality, cost, and metal quality of the door knob, as well as the interior design of your home and your kitchen cabinet’s finish. Your chosen cabinet knobs should also match your kitchen design, are comfortable to use and can last for a long time. After buying the right cabinet knobs based on these factors, you can contact Everyworks Singapore to install them for you. You can rest assured that the knobs will be properly fixed at an affordable price. 


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