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What To Remember When Buying Door Handles For Your Home



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Most homeowners fail to notice their door handles, even if it looks just like a small element. Door handles are an addition to the personality of your home. Furthermore, choosing the best door handle can modify your home’s appearance in a sophisticated way. Just like door knobs, door handles are also necessary to keep your home protected and it guarantees privacy to you and your family.

It is vital to select the right door handle for your home before having them installed by a professional handyman. Although, if you are undecided on which door handle to select, here are some factors while buying:


Door Handle Style


When checking through door handle styles, you should always remember the motif of your home. Then you would also want to include the interiors of each room where you will install the handle. It is also important to check your door style, on which you will hire the same handyman to do the door handle installation as well.

If your home has a classic theme, contemporary angular handles will not be suitable. Contrarily, if you have a modern theme, then a straight chrome door handle may look inconvenient. Thus, you should consider all the interiors of your household to the type of doors you have if you want to select the right pull or door lever handle.


Door Function


Another factor you need to think well of is the door operation. For cabinet doors and hallways, a non-locking passage handle can function well if you like something rather than cabinet knobs. In the meantime, for bathrooms and bedrooms, a privacy handle is strongly suggested.

If you choose decorative pulls, you can select a dummy, non-turning lever. For the entrance and high-security doors, a keyed lever is the right choice. It is ideal to count all the doors in your home and their operation, hence you can prevent purchasing an incorrect kind of door handle.


Secureness of Door Handle


If you are searching for door handles for your front door that has high security, then you should purchase a mortise handle. Smart locks are also well-liked and it is installed in commercial and residential buildings. However, it is advisable to hire a professional handyman to do the door knob and handle installation.

Higher-level security doors like entrance doors need to have a mortise handle. Any type of door handle you select, make sure to avail the handyman services of Everyworks Singapore. We can recommend the right door locks that you require and we can also do the installation for you as well in no time. Contact us today and we will guarantee that your safety is our priority.


Door Type

Occasionally, the type of door you have installed can decide what particular kind of door handle you require. If you have a very thick door, then it requires you to be more careful around it. Make sure that you choose the suitable door handle that comes with a kit and it can fit with your door size.

As for your exterior doors, they might have one hole for hardware. In such a case, you do not have to do DIY drilling just to create one more hole for a deadbolt since it can harm your door if you measure the wrong sizes. It is best to engage with the services of a professional handyman like Everyworks Singapore. Our handyman can conveniently do the door handle installation without creating any harm. We are notable for accomplishing our handyman installation services immediately to perfection. Once we have done installing your door handles, you are ensured that your home is protected.


Your Budget

It is important to know your budget to help you identify how much you can only spend on your door handle. It is best to stick to your allotted budget as much as possible. Although, make sure that you will not choose a cheap door handle just to save money. If not, your safety may be at risk.

You do not need to select a high-priced product. By looking through the quality of whichever handles are available and count those that will fit your doors. Buy the one that provides you the ideal attribute while it is within your budget.



You may think that door handles are not important as they seem a minor piece in your home. Although, in reality, they have a significant role in each household as they have advanced door lock security to ensure your privacy and safety. Before you purchase door handles, you should be able to list down all your door types and the theme of each room. Once you have done this, you can determine which design, operation, and safety you will select. Do not forget the allotted budget for buying door handles as you would not like to overspend. If you would like your door handles to be installed perfectly, you may give us a call at Everyworks Singapore. We also provide other handyman services at an affordable price.


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This article was reproduced from A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore.

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