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What To Consider When Purchasing New Drawer Knobs

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Since door knobs are considered to be the most useful items inside a household. As a matter of fact, it is possible that door knobs can incur damage after a while. Therefore, several homeowners think that they need to have their door knobs replaced in order to continuously use their drawers. It is important to have a professional handyman replace all the knobs at the same time to avoid them becoming dissimilar.

When buying drawer knobs, there are several things you need to remember in order to avoid any problems. These consists of:


Knob Usability


It is important to know where you will have your door knobs installed and how frequently you will use them when purchasing drawer knobs. It is highly suggested to use wooden knobs for wooden drawers and cabinets. For kitchen drawer knobs, it is best to purchase those which will be easier to clean. Nevertheless. regularly using your drawers are suitable with knobs that are convenient.




These are the three different designs of door knobs: modern, transitional, and classic. Contemporary drawer bar pulls are tubular and sophisticated. Normally, classic knobs are more elegant, with engravings to suit mounted drawers. Transitional knobs are a blend of modern and classic which are typically circular and tinted.


Drawer Knob Size

The most essential aspect to remember when purchasing brand new knobs is the dimension, this is to guarantee easy door knob installation. Brand new knobs must almost have identical dimensions as your current knobs. This will be easier to install these knobs since there is no drilling needed. Although, if the knobs are smaller it might require concealing the current holes using wood putty and drilling new holes on your drawer.

Drawer Knob Material


You should take into consideration the position of your drawers when choosing what kind of material your drawers should be made out of. It is highly recommended to install stainless steel knobs for kitchen cabinets and drawers as it is possible to have liquid spills. Some knobs are not easily rusted and they are simple to clean. On the other hand, living room or bedroom drawers do not easily accumulate grime or spills. Therefore, your knobs can go with more detailed knobs made from different materials such as glass, ceramic, wood, and metals such as aluminum.


Drawer Knob Cost

Like door locks, the price of drawer knobs varies depending on the dimension, material, standard, and finish. If you can buy several knobs for as low as $1; they might not be a good standard. On the other hand, detailed sculpted knobs or custom-made knobs are usually top-of-the-line in spite of being costly. It is much better to always purchase extra knobs, mostly the inexpensive ones, to change your damaged door knobs.


There are things that you need to consider when buying drawer knobs, such as accessibility, design, dimension, materials, and costs. It is also important to match the knobs to the furniture assembly and cabinets you have. You may want to buy extra knobs, in case your existing drawer knobs are broken. If you have chosen the right drawer knobs for your home, contact us at Everyworks Singapore. We can let one of our professional handyman to perfectly install your brand new drawer knobs.


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This article was reproduced from A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore.

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