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What NOT To Do During A Power Failure

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Power failures can be extremely inconvenient since it prevents us from fulfilling important tasks. During power failures, certain appliances and home light installations stop functioning. Hence, being cautious during power failures is extremely important in order to prevent accidents. Therefore, to help you protect yourself in case your light installations suddenly go out, here are some things you should not do when it happens:


Leaving Electrical Devices Plugged









Whenever you experience a power failure, it is important to immediately unplug all electrical devices and light switches in your house. Otherwise, the surge can damage your appliances and can even catch fire. By disconnecting your electrical gadgets and appliances from your installed power sockets, you will be able to protect yourself and your home from any potential hazards.


Touching Downed Wires

Always avoid making contact with downed electrical wires during power failures. What most people are not aware of is that, these wires actually have some power left which can cause more dangerous electrocution than electrical socket or switch shocks. To be safe, remember to keep a distance of at least 10 metres from them (20 metres during wet conditions). If you are driving, simply stay in your vehicle until the downed wire has been removed.


Using A Grill Indoors

If your light installations go out just when you are about to cook on your electric stove, using a grill is a possible alternative. Ensure not to use it indoors as the carbon monoxide emitted is very dangerous to inhale. Otherwise, use a portable stove instead.


Draining Your Phone’s Battery

Some power failures can last a very long time especially if they are caused by a large power trip on your circuit breaker. As such, it is important not to let your phone battery die in case it happens, so that you can still make important phone calls and send messages while waiting for a licensed electrician to restore your power. You can consider purchasing a portable power bank just in case.


Using Candles

No matter how dark it gets, you should never use candles when your light installations go out, as big fires can break out when left unattended. Instead, equip yourself with battery-powered LED lights and flashlights, so you will be able to have sufficient brightness without causing major accidents.


Opening Your Fridge or Freezer Constantly

While waiting for a reliable electrical contractor to resolve your power failure issues, avoid constantly opening and closing your fridge or freezer, as doing so can cause the food inside to spoil. Take note that a full freezer can remain cold for two days on battery while a half-freezer can only do so for 24 hours. However, if you’re worried about your food going bad, you can try storing them in an iced cooler beforehand. That way, they can remain fresh even when your electrical sockets and switches go out.



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