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What Homeowners Should Remember When Installing Cabinet Handles

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Installing handles need to be precisely done to ensure that everything is in place and parallel with each other. Hence, it is not a very enjoyable task for Singaporean homeowners, and even for a professional handyman. 

We have listed down things you should remember whenever you are installing cabinet handles are home by yourselves:


Choose The Correct Hole


After knowing which type of cabinet handle you need a professional handyman to install, you must be sure of the right hole or spot of where you should install it. Mount your preferred cabinet handles on the right spots and it will determine how easily you can use them and also, how pleasant it will look.


Inspect The Size of Your Existing Hardware

When you create a square or rectangle around the cabinet door or drawer panels with rails and stiles, you can use them as support for your cabinet or wardrobe handle installation. Drill the holes, position your door/drawer hardware and stud in a vertical position next to your panels to hold its position.

Ideally, before you go straight into deciding on your drawer fronts, you should consider the size.

  • A wide/large drawer is 24” wide or more.
  • A small drawer (less than 24” wide)

The size of your drawers basically suggests how many knobs and handles you need. Hence, you can also decide on which look you prefer for your cabinets. May it be traditional, transitional, or modern.


Place Temporary Markings on Cabinet Doors

  • Temporary Markings for Cabinet Doors

Making temporary hole marks on your cabinet doors can be very useful whenever you are installing kitchen cabinet handles, storage cabinet handles, and the like. If you do this, you will not cause any unwanted damage to your cabinet doors. 

  • Small Drawers

In putting handles or knobs for small drawers, you should put temporary marks in the middle in order for the knobs and handles to face both directions.

  • Wall Cabinets

wall-cabinet-handle-door repair-everyworks-handyman-singapore

For wall mounted cabinet installations or for those counter cabinets, you should make temporary marks two or four inches from the bottom corner of the door panel. 


Align The Handles

Align your cabinet handles in the center or in vertical instead of doing it in the bottom. However, this may be a very tricky task. You can hire experts who offer professional installation services for knobs and handles to assist you and do the job for you.


Use A Handle Jig

You can use a handle template for your temporary marking while aligning the holes. Similar to the dangers of DIY knob installation, failure to make the right markings may cause inconvenience and problems. Thus, proper markings and holes alignments ensure your chosen hardware is neatly installed.


Use Existing Hardware Size

Make sure to use a hardware that has the same size as your current ones. In this way, your installed cabinet handles will not look out of place and will be pleasant to look at.


Tighten The Screws

Tightening the screws in the process of your cabinet handle installation should be done with precision. When not done right, this step may cause damage and more expense. 

However, if you are unsure of your capabilities in doing your own cabinet handle installation, you can easily contact a cheap handyman service to not waste your time and money.




Installing or changing cabinet handles is not an easy feat. However, you will be able to ensure that the installation process is performed accurately and seamlessly by following the guidelines mentioned above.

If you start to experience any difficulties, be sure to message Everyworks Singapore to install your cabinet handles for you. We have extremely competent technicians who have extensive experience in installing the various types of cabinet handles. You can also contact us to know more about our handyman servicing costs.


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