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What Homeowners Should Know About Aircon Chemical Cleaning

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A large percentage of Singaporeans have a commercial aircon or residential aircon but fail to have them undergo proper aircon servicing and maintenance. For this reason, they often experience aircon issues such as an aircon water leak.

To prevent any aircon issues, it is advisable to have an aircon chemical overhaul or chemical wash performed. These have been proven to make your unit work efficiently and extend its lifespan. In this article, we will help you decide why you should do aircon chemical cleaning.


What Is Aircon Chemical Cleaning?

Aircon chemical cleaning is an option for you if your unit does not perform well. One of the reasons for you to consider this is that dirt and bacteria can negatively affect your aircon unit and household.

Sometimes, people think that it will cost less to do normal aircon servicing on their own. In truth, you might end up spending more as a result of unintended damage. Aircon chemical cleaning, on the other hand, is highly recommended, especially for air conditioners that have pre-existing issues. One of the benefits of aircon chemical cleaning is an improved air conditioning unit as it ensures that the components will be thoroughly checked and cleaned.


Two Methods of Aircon Cleaning

If your air conditioner unit feels warmer than before, has aircon gas leaks, or releases a foul odor through its vent, an aircon chemical cleaning may need to be performed. Aircon chemical cleaning has two methods namely an aircon chemical wash and aircon chemical overhaul. The method you need will depend on the issues your unit is facing and how severe they are. Therefore, make sure to study their differences and the procedures they entail:

Aircon Chemical Wash


Dirt and bacteria can get in your residential or commercial air conditioner. These can damage your air conditioner’s parts including the compressor, condenser coils, and compressor fins. The solution for this is to undergo an aircon chemical wash.

Special chemical solutions are used during the aircon chemical wash process to clean various aircon parts such as aircon filters and evaporator coil. This is to prevent future dirt and bacteria build-up. Afterward, the residential or office aircon will be reassembled and thoroughly inspected to ensure it is functional again.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul


If they fail to undergo proper aircon maintenance, inverter or non-inverter aircons may have dirt and bacteria build-up which could affect their essential parts or even damage them permanently. To prevent these from happening, an aircon chemical overhaul will need to be performed.

During an aircon chemical overhaul, the technicians will unmount the aircon unit and clean the parts thoroughly. If there are any damaged parts, they will repair the unit to ensure no aircon emergencies take place. Afterward, the unit will be mounted again to where it had originally been installed.



A properly maintained unit can ensure the longevity and performance of your air conditioning system. If you are experiencing air condition issues, therefore, it is better to contact the best and most affordable aircon service provider and have aircon chemical cleaning performed. At Everyworks Singapore, we can conduct thorough aircon chemical cleaning for you to prevent your unit from experiencing any major issues.


At Everyworks Singapore, we strive to provide the best home maintenance services for Singaporeans. As such, we ensure fast appointment arrangements, immediate customer response, and highly fair and affordable costs for any services which you might need. Our extremely professional and experienced electricians, plumbers, aircon servicing technicians, and handymen also make sure that our clients’ repairs and installations are done thoroughly and quickly as seen in our many positive Facebook reviews and Google reviews. To learn more about our home services, feel free to view our past home maintenance articles and works. For quick appointment booking, contact our responsive customer support team either by sending a picture or quick text through our Whatsapp at +65 8241 0032.


This article is reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

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